Missing pets are a pet parent’s worst fear. And if your pet does go missing, you’re not alone; the American Humane Association estimates that 1 of every 3 pets goes missing at least once in their lifetime, equating to roughly 10 million missing pets annually. In the past, the only way to get the word out about a missing pet was creating posters for the local community, and hoping a sighting would be made.

More recently, we’ve been able to share real-time news about missing pets on social media. And thankfully, technology continues to evolve and provide us even better ways to locate our missing fur friends. Tech companies are upping the ante on product offerings, and making it even easier for pet parents to connect with one another to help keep pets in the local community safe and with their rightful families. 

Here we take a deeper look at Huan, one such company raising the bar on pet location services, and their smart pet tracker that’s working to provide pet parents peace of mind across the country. 

What Are Smart Pet Tags?

Dog looking up to owner confused

Smart pet tags are typically Bluetooth-enabled wearables that help relay information about your pet’s most recent location. They work by emitting Bluetooth signals that interact with other like devices and smartphones. When a signal is picked up, the device triggers an app pre-loaded onto a smartphone to log that location, in turn helping alert the owner to their pet’s most recent whereabouts. 

Smart pet tags aren’t GPS trackers, which interact with satellites, ground stations, and receivers to track location and movements in real-time. And they differ from microchips, which use scannable RFID technology to help identify an animal at a facility only after they’ve been found. 

Smart pet tags provide an added layer of protection to provide pet parents peace of mind. They work best as an accompaniment to both microchips and traditional collars with ID tags, rather than being used alone.  

What Is Huan?

Dogs wearing Huan smart pet trackers

Huan is a technology company and pet protection network that’s dedicated to helping pet parents prevent potential heartbreak before it happens. The company provides both physical and digital products and services that are aimed at helping pet parents reunite with their lost furry family members. 

Huan differentiates itself from other smart pet tags on the market by leaning into the strength of its community and its product line. Compared to other GPS and radio-based tracking services, Huan retails at a lower price point—only approximately $30—and carries no monthly fees, providing access to its community and app for free. Huan also relies on radiation-free Bluetooth for its signals. Despite its use of Bluetooth, Huan’s battery life is impressive, lasting up to an entire year on a single battery (vs. six months for other similar products on the market). And unlike other products on the market, Huan smart tags are available in a wide variety of sizes, designed for pets ranging from 5-120 pounds. Huan dog trackers are also water resistant, an added bonus. 

How Does Huan Work?

Two dogs sitting wearing Huan dog smart pet tags

Huan pairs a physical Bluetooth-enabled smart tag with a smartphone app and community network to help locate lost pets. Pet parents begin using Huan by registering their pet on the app, creating a profile for them with a photo and biographical information. 

Once in use, the physical tag emits a Bluetooth signal every three seconds, which can be picked up by smartphones with the Huan app installed within 300 feet (or even more in some cases) of the physical tag. These signals then trigger notifications from Huan’s app, which alert pet parents about their furry friend’s location. 

In addition to location reporting, the Huan app provides helpful safety features, including: 

  • Home Alone SMS Alerts: Allow your designated emergency contact to receive an instant emergency alert if your pet has been alone for over 24 hours
  • Escaped Pet Notifications: Provide an instant location update when your pet is detected away from home on the Huan network
  • Community Search: Enable pet parents to easily activate the Huan community and their social networks to help find their missing pet
  • Found Pet Updates: Allow pet parents to notify the community when their pet is home safe. 

Putting the Huan Dog Tracker to the Test

Huan dog smart pet tracker on Wally rescue dog

We had the chance to use the Huan dog tracker with our rescue dog, Wally. We wanted to use the tracker to provide an added layer of protection in a “just in case” scenario, which we’ve been fortunate to avoid so far. 

Getting started with the Huan dog tracker and app was seamless. The company sends a flyer with a QR code that provides a direct link to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. From there, it’s easy to create an account tied to your email address, create a profile for your pet, and register a tag using the ID code on the back of the tracker.

Screengrabs of Huan smart pet tracker in action

Within the app, users are able to see on a map the last known location of their pet’s tracker, based on the Bluetooth signal. From our readings of the map, the location was fairly accurate. Pet parents can also scan for updates from their “Huan Pack,” a feed that provides updates (like new pets who’ve joined and lost and found alerts) on other pets across the Huan network. 

For pets that do go missing, the Huan app makes it easy for pet parents to mark their dog or cat as missing, which would send a notification to the entire network of Huan users to be on the lookout. And the app makes it easier to share the news of a missing pet to activate additional communities on social media to aid in the search.

Things We Like

  • The product’s lightweight design and fit makes it easy to secure to nearly any collar
  • The simple set up and user flow make it easy to activate the tag and start tracking your pet quickly.

Things to Consider

  • Since Huan relies on Bluetooth technology, the network is stronger and the pet community is safer as more pet parents in the area start to use the Huan smart tracker.
  • We wish the “Huan Pack” feed was a little more curated to the local area, and that it’d be easier to interact or add local pets to your pack (a feature that is coming soon).
  • The Huan smart tracker is not a GPS, and so real-time location tracking is not what the product is designed for.

Huan Smart Tag: Our Verdict

Huan smart dog trackers provide an added layer of protection in knowing the whereabouts of your pet. Their ease of use (all you need is a smartphone!) makes them an ideal companion to traditional collars with ID tags and microchips in helping relocate and reunite lost pets with their families. The variety of their product—with designs for pets ranging from 5-120 pounds—and lower price point make them a perfect solution for pet parents seeking location reassurance.