Did you know dog-proof litter boxes are a thing? Having both a dog and a cat comes with a set of challenges. Your cats would love their own dog-proof litter boxes, for starters. It’s important to give your cat their own territory because they are prey animals and, therefore, can become skittish if uncomfortable, says Dr. Kwane Stewart, a veterinarian based in Southern California. “Giving them their own sanctuary can make a big difference,” he explains. 

According to a Simmons National Consumer Study, 53 percent of households own a pet. Of those, 77 million have dogs and 54 million have cats. And a fraction of those households own both types of pets. [1

Dog and cat sitting together on floor

Your cat’s litter box should be a sanctuary, where your cat can do her business in peace. But when dogs invite themselves to your cat’s special box, this can be a recipe for disaster. Not only will it make your cat very uncomfortable, but it can also cause unnecessary tension between your pets. 

The solution: dog-proof litter boxes that only the cat in your household can enjoy. While no litter box is 100 percent dog-proof, there are plenty of options out there that can help keep your canine from eating cat poop and messing with your feline’s safe space. 

Best Dog-Proof Litter Boxes

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Top 8 Litter Boxes

Best Overall Dog-Proof Litter Box 

Our Pick: Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker

dog-proof litter boxes

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Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)27 x 22 x 29.5 inches
ColorsBlack, White

Unlike litter boxes that rely on barriers or small openings to keep dogs at bay, the innovative (and recently upgraded!) Litter-Robot 4 works smarter, not harder, to remove litter box temptations entirely. This automatic self-cleaning litter box is the latest, greatest evolution of the original Litter-Robot, invented over two decades ago by engineer and cat dad, Brad Baxter.

You’ll still find all the core features that made the original so popular, like Litter-Robot’s patented sifting system, which automatically separates your cat’s waste from the clean litter and hides it from your dog’s prying eyes (and nose). But you’ll also discover plenty of smart improvements, like laser and weight sensor technology that keeps your cat safe and also gives you real-time assurance that waste is whisked away before your dog even knows it was there.

Other new features include a WhisperQuiet cleaning cycle, an enlarged waste drawer, and an optional system to neutralize litter box odors. The new-and-improved Litter-Robot 4 starts shipping in July 2022, but you can pre-purchase your unit now and rest easier knowing the ultimate dog-proof litterbox solution is on its way.


  • Patented litter-sifting technology designed to remove waste without clogging or jamming
  • Advanced sensors detect and deposit solid waste in an odor-neutralizing, dog-proof compartment, for effortless cleanup
  • New WhisperQuiet self-cleaning cycle won’t startle your cat
  • Larger 15.75″ diameter opening accommodates cats of all sizes, while enclosed globe provides plenty of privacy
  • Multi-cat design suitable for up to 4 cats
  • Works with Whisker app to track usage, waste-drawer capacity, and litter levels
  • Easy-read control panel for up-to-the minute status updates
  • Included fence helps minimize litter tracking
  • Works well with almost any clumping or scoopable litter
  • 90-day in-home trial
  • Free shipping (except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) 

Things to Consider: 

  • At nearly $650, it’s a big investment…but comparable to other high-tech, app-enabled litter boxes
  • Optional add-ons include a litter trap mat ($40) designed to fit the Litter-Robot’s base, and an OdorTrap system ($15 for 2-pack), which uses plant-based oils to help neutralize litter box odors
  • The Litter-Robot 4 ramp will not be available until late 2022; the Litter-Robot 3 ramp is not compatible with Litter-Robot 4
  • 1-year warranty included but you can upgrade to 3 years for a fee
  • Litter-Robot 4 begins shipping July 2022
  • Some cats may need time to get comfortable using a self-cleaning litterbox

Best Automatic Self-Cleaning Dog-Proof Litter Box 

Our Pick: PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)20.24 x 6.93 x 28.47 inches
ColorsPurple, Taupe

If you don’t want a bulky litter box but still want to keep your dogs from eating your cat’s waste, one that automatically cleans it up is your best bet. No scooping required, a disposable tray with a plastic lining will be all you’ll have to deal with. Just throw it out after weeks of use. The cleaning cycle is triggered 20 minutes after your cat uses it, giving your dog less chance to do damage.


  • Uses Crystal litter, which is known for odor control.
  • Crystal litter absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste.

Things to Consider

  • You’ll have to buy tray refills. Replace them after 20 to 30 days of use if you have one cat.

Best Manual Self-Cleaning Dog-Proof Litter Box

Our pick: Omega Paw Elite Roll n’ Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

dog-proof litter box with cat nearby
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)18.5 x 21.5 x 20 inches
ColorMidnight Black

This do-it-all litter box tops our list because it’s loaded with convenient extras designed to keep litter out of sight (and reach) of curious canines. The sturdy hood with small, cat-sized opening sits on an extra-deep base featuring a protruding litter step that keeps nosy dogs at bay. Plus, the unique Rock n’ Clean design makes scoop-free clean-up a breeze, so lingering smells don’t attract your dog.

Simply roll the unoccupied unit over, and the patented grill inside separates clean litter from clumped waste. Then roll it back to deposit waste in a convenient pull-out tray for mess-free disposal. Bonus: If you have a skittish kitty who doesn’t like the sound of motorized self-cleaning litter boxes, this people-powered option is a great pick.


  • Hooded opening perfectly designed to deter dogs.
  • Integrated litter step reduces messy tracked litter.
  • Patented self-cleaning sifting grate.
  • Sturdy chrome-plated locking clips.
  • Made in Canada.

Things to Consider

  • Designed for clumping cat litter only.
  • Avoid overfilling for best results.

Best Dog-Proof Litter Box With a Door

Our Pick: Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

best dog-proof litter box with a door on it
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)Large – 19.5 x 15.25 x 17.5 inches, X-Large – 21.5 x 17.75 x 18 inches
ColorsGray, White, Blue

Simply designed and attractively priced, this litter box with a cover and door doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. But it gets the job done and keeps your cat’s business concealed. The door flap swings both ways, giving your cat easy access while trapping smells. This box also features a replaceable air filter to ensure your home smells fresh and clean. Reviewers love how roomy and sturdy this litter box is.


  • Two-way door controls odors and adds privacy.
  • Locking lid with handle for easy transport.
  • Replaceable Zeolite air filter.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean material.
  • Good for larger cats and multiples. 
  • The plastic is odor- and stain-resistant.

Things to Consider

  • It’s not the best-looking litter box, so if design is important, this might not fit the bill. 

Best Dog-Proof Litter Box With a Hood

Our pick: So Phresh Corner Privacy Hood & Cat Litter Pan

So Phresh corner privacy hood cat litter pan
Sizes and Dimensions (HxWxD)15.25 x 22 x 17.88 inches
ColorsOnly available in one color

This litter box is shaped perfectly to fit any corner of your home. Spacious with a hinged door and cover for your cat’s comfort and privacy, this corner litter box will keep unwanted pets (a.k.a. dogs) out. Simply flip the door to clean inside.


  • A carbon filter will help control any odor. 
  • Handle for easier carrying.

Things to Consider

  • Some reviewers said this litter box couldn’t properly accommodate larger cats.
  • Entry may be too high for kittens or cats with joint pain to climb in and out of.

Best Top-Entry Dog-Proof Litter Box 

Our Pick: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

Iris dog-proof cat litter box
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)Medium – 17.32 x 13.39 x 12.2 inches, Large – 20.75 x 16.13 x 14.63 inches
ColorsBlack/Gray, Dark Gray/White, White/Beige, Orange/Brown, White/Green

Preventing litter messes and intruders, a top-entry cat litter box is a great option. This deep litter pan comes with a cover that features a circular opening for your cat’s access—but not dog’s. If you’re worried that this non-traditional litter box will confuse your cat, don’t! Many reviewers say that their cats instinctively know how to use it and love it!


  • A litter scoop is included.
  • Grooved lid helps limit litter particles from going on the floor outside of the litter box.
  • Choose from six color combinations. 
  • Two sizes are available.

Things to Consider

  • This top-entry litter box is taller than most so some cats may not be fans as a couple of reviewers mentioned. 

Best Dome-Shaped Litter Box

Our Pick: Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)22.5 x 22.5 x 19 inches
ColorsBrushed Nickel, Pearl White, Titanium

Instead of a traditional litter box, this dome-shaped option is hooded on top to give your feline privacy. It’ll prevent dogs from breaking in, while cats can easily access the litter through its opening and concealed ramp. It measures 21 by 21 inches, so it’ll definitely accommodate larger cats.


  • Features a charcoal filter to absorb odors.
  • Choose from three different colors: brushed nickel, pearl white, and titanium. 

Things to Consider

  • Lid doesn’t snap in place so it is possible that a bigger, rougher dog could get in.

Best Dog-Proof Litter Box That Looks Like Furniture 

Our Pick: ecoFlex Litter Loo, Litter Box Cover/End Table

Ecoflex Litter Loo dog-proof litter boxes
Sizes and Dimensions (LxWxH)Standard – 23.8 x 18.5 x 22.1 inches; Jumbo – 30 x 24 x 28.9 inches
ColorsAntique White, Gray, Russet, Espresso

Assuming your dog is medium-sized or larger, this litter cover, which is conveniently disguised as an end table, will suit you. Cats can easily gain access through a small opening, while dogs stay out. It does not include the actual litter pan though, so you’ll have to get that separately.


  • Beautifully designed to operate as both a litter cover and end table.
  • Choose from a variety of color options: antique white, espresso, russet, and gray. 
  • Comes in a standard size and jumbo size.

Things to Consider

  • You’ll have to buy your own litter pan, so make sure you measure to fit.

How to Keep Dogs Out of the Litter Box

The right dog-proof litter box may be all you need to keep your dog out of your cat’s business. But if your dog is especially determined or nimble, you may want to take additional precautions to ensure your cat’s privacy.

If your litter box is in a room with a doorway, Stewart suggests a fence or barrier to keep the dog out. Consider blocking the entrance with a gate that you know your cat can either slip through or jump over, but that your dog can’t maneuver around.

You can also keep your dog active and busy, or train him or her to leave the litter box alone. Cleaning the litter box as soon as your cat uses it is also another option, he says.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Litter and Cat Poop?

“Dogs don’t go into the litter box for the litter, they’re after the stool,” says Stewart. “Cats eat a diet higher in protein and therefore their feces has a different taste that many dogs find appetizing.”

Your cat’s poop kind of smells like cat food. Dogs find cat food appetizing and may mistake cat poop for what your feline just ate. That’s all. The downside? Cat poop may be laced with harmful bacteria and parasites that will then find a host in your dog’s tummy. 

Besides the taste factor, some dogs will also go after kitty poop due to boredom or nutritional deficiencies, Stewart adds. “Your vet can advise if it may be a vitamin or mineral deficiency and recommend a diet higher in fiber, fat, or protein,” he explains. “And some dogs simply go stir crazy in the house and look for something to spice up their day. In this case, more exercise or a distraction is the prescription.”

What to Look for in Dog-Proof Litter Boxes

Whatever the reason behind your dog’s litter obsession, a dog-proof litterbox could be the key to combatting their unwanted behavior. And you can find a growing number of options to choose from at pet stores and online retailers.

Designs vary by manufacturer, so be sure to look for features that meet the needs of you and your pets. A dog-proof litter box should be easily accessible to your cat and easy for you to clean, but still deter dogs from snooping around. 

Some effect features include:

  • Litter boxes that have a door.
  • Litter boxes that have a cover.
  • Litter boxes where cats enter at the top.
  • High-walled litter boxes with a small opening.
  • Litter boxes shaped like a dome. 
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes that get rid of cat poop as soon as your cat does the deed. 

How We Ranked Our Top Dog-Proof Litter Boxes

We rounded up the best dog-proof litter boxes for dog-and-cat households by factoring in the different design elements you may be looking for to keep the dogs out: doors, covers, size of openings. We also looked at innovation. Does the litter box clean the cat poop as soon as your cat uses it so the dog won’t have the opportunity to scavenge?

Within those different factors and needs, we narrowed down the list by looking at overall ratings, plus the number of reviews. In other words, we considered litter boxes or brands with 4-star ratings or higher and those with hundreds (or more!) of positive reviews. 

In addition to looking at the pros according to customers, we also considered the cons. Not every litter box is perfect, but depending on your needs, we give you all you need to know to make a good purchase below.