Cat parents, if you’ve ever stepped on litter strewn about your home, it may be time to consider high-sided litter boxes. One surefire way to minimize dust and tracking is to considered purchasing a high-sided litter box.

According to Fact MR, the litter box market was estimated to be $1.8 billion strong in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. More and more cat moms and dads are outfitting their homes with litter boxes, and in many cases, they splurge on buying multiple litter boxes at a time or spending big bucks on ones that offer key features such as cleanliness and convenience.  

Litter boxes come in different shapes, sizes, accolades, and prices. By the same token, cats have different preferences regarding their litter boxes. From the type of litter you choose to the style of your actual litter box, it’s a good idea to go by your cat’s cues to understand what they like—after all, the goal is to get them to use it and use it consistently.

Top Picks

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7 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes

We rounded up a variety of high-sided litter boxes based on their best and most unique features — the main one being their high sides. We also considered:

  • Sizes
  • Prices
  • Recommendations from veterinarians 
  • And most importantly, reviews and ratings from happy buyers

Overall Best High-Sided Litter Box

Our Pick: IRIS USA Large Open Top Cat Litter Tray With Scoop and Scatter Shield

high-sided litter boxes

This is actually our litter box of choice. We’ve been using this one, which measures 19 inches in length by 15 inches in width by 11.75 inches in height, in our household for nearly a decade. We love that it’s fairly large (enough to accommodate one big cat), and that the sides are nearly a foot high. The scatter shield prevents too much mess, while still being open and airy for cats who like the flexibility. An opening makes it easy for kitties of all size and ages to climb in and out. 


  • Because it’s open, it makes it easy for cat owners to clean often, and to get a view inside so you know what kind of mess was left behind.
  • The top part is removable if you want to switch it to a low-sided pan.
  • Great value while being very durable. 
  • Compact enough that it can fit in smaller bathrooms and areas.
  • Comes with a matching litter scoop.

Things to Consider

  • If you have more than one cat, you might consider getting a second or third litter box.

Best Extra Large High-Sided Litter Box

Our Pick: WoofiGo XL Enclosed Stainless Steel Litter Box

cat in a stainless steel high-sided litter box

We adore this stainless steel enclosed litter box with its generous size (23.5″L x 16″ W x 13″ H) and its unique curved high wall design. This 20 liter capacity litter box is ideal for larger cats, multiple cats, and senior cats who prefer extra space. The non-stick bottom is easy to clean, and because it is stainless steel, it won’t absorb odor. The high sides prevent urine spray and litter tracking, so it’s a win-win!


  • 6″ depth helps reduce mess.
  • The stainless steel cat litter pan is tightly connected to the high wall.
  • Tracking-proof pedal helps prevent litter from being carried out.
  • Strong and durable material that will not rust.
  • Ideal for households with multiple cats.

Things to Consider

  • Cats can leave scratch marks in the stainless steel
  • It’s fairly large and can take up a fair amount of space compared to large sizes.

Best Large Litter Box with High Sides

Our Pick: Smart Paws High Sides Litter Box

Pretty cat outside high-sided litter boxes

Measuring 25.19″ L X 16.34″ W x 12.99″ H, this plastic this fairly large high-sided litter box earns a worthy spot on our list. We also love how simple its design is. Thanks to the specialized anti-scatter design without gaps, it is convenient to clean. The durable polypropylene design is made for longevity, and there is no assembly required.


  • Convenient handles on both sides.
  • Very budget-friendly.
  • Durable material.
  • Adorable fish design border.
  • Perfect for two cats.

Things to Consider

  • Simple, unassuming design.

Best Covered Litter Box with High Sides

Our Pick: IRIS USA Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box

high-sides litter box

Sized at 21 inches by 18.75 inches in surface area, and 17 inches in height when covered, this cat litter box is fairly large, but also almost fully enclosed. It has a door flap which can help keep smells in. When it comes to clean-up, you will have to unlatch the sides to remove the top to gain access. 


  • Comes with a front door flap, which means smells can also stay in.
  • Has a handle for easy transport.
  • Comes with a flap.

Things to Consider

  • Some cats may be deterred by the flap and not want to go in.
  • Scoop holder or hook not included.

Best Eco-Friendly High-Sided Litter Box

Our Pick: Kitty Poo Club Box

kitty poo club box

Sized at 19 inches by 15 inches in surface area, and 10 inches tall, this litter box is purely made out of cardboard. With hundreds of happy reviews and high star ratings, we love this box because it comes form a company whose mission is to minimize the amount of plastic used that eventually make its way to a landfill.  


  • Box is recyclable.
  • Made of biodegradable materials.
  • Litter box ships as itself—less packaging means it’s better for our planet!

Things to Consider

  • Kitty Poo Club litter boxes offers a subscription service, which means your litter box can come with the litter if you want to get yours there.

Most Attractive High-Sided Cat Litter Box

Our Pick: Richell USA – PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box

Fashionable litter box

For pet parents who prefer an attractive but functional high-sided litter box, this one is perfect. Standing at 12.4 inches in height, this high-sided litter box also offers a sleek design, and a spot to hold your scooper. If you have a minimalistic bathroom, this modern-looking litter box will add a nice touch.


  • Comes with an anti-tracking grate, that helps prevent mess.
  • Features a big opening that’s inviting.
  • A bottom, recessed handle will give you an easy way to lift and move the box.
  • High wall keeps spray and litter inside the box.

Things to Consider

  • Some complaints about the flimsy scoop that comes with it.
  • May not be roomy enough for larger sized cats.

Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box with High Sides

Our Pick: ScoopFree by PetSafe Covered Self-Cleaning Second Generation Cat Litter Box

Cat in PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

Say goodbye to scooping the litter box thanks to ScoopFree by PetSafe. This all-in-one space-saving litter box means no scooping, cleaning, or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks at a time. The automatic raking litter box system features a disposable tray and plastic lining for leak protection. At clean-up time, remove the lidded tray and toss it out. The top entry privacy feature allows cats to have privacy to do their business.


  • Choose from front entry hood, top entry hood, or uncovered options.
  • Nicely sized at 27.6″L x 19.1″W x 16″H
  • Easy to put assemble and maintain.
  • A night light will automatically turn on for nighttime use.

Things to Consider

  • More expensive than traditional high-sided litter boxes.

What Is a High-Sided Litter Box?

There are different types of litter boxes out there on the market. Some are covered, some have low sides, some have high sides, and some are mechanical and clean themselves. As a cat owner, you may get overwhelmed with all the different features. For this article, we’ll take a deep dive into litter boxes with high sides. High-sided litter boxes are basically just that: a litter box with high sides.

“Cat litter boxes with higher sides and walls benefit both the owners and cats,” says Dr. Hunter Finn, DVM, general practice veterinarian and owner of Pet Method in McKinney, TX. “From the cat’s point of view, it can add a heightened sense of security in what can be a very unprotected moment in the wild. From our point of view, these walls can prevent litter from collecting on the floor and actually stay in the box, especially as cats may dig and kick after urination and defecation.”

When cats do their business, they naturally dig around to bury their waste. As they do so, they may inadvertently kick the litter out of the box. High-sided litter boxes have high sides to keep mess in the box—from tracking and dust to spraying.

For this reason, some companies have created covered litter boxes, too, but some cats don’t like covered litter boxes. They want to know they have a way to escape. A high-sided litter box still gives that comfort of escape potential while preventing mess.

In addition to high sides, high-sided litter boxes will also have an opening so cats can easily climb in and climb out. For this reason alone, you can expect that there is no such thing as a 360-degree high-side litter box. If there was, how would your cat get access? In other words, there is no such thing as a mess-free litter box. You will always get some mess with an entry point, but the high sides around it will definitely minimize it.

Cat sitting in litter box

Benefits of a High-Sided Cat Litter Box

The benefits of a high-sided cat litter box are clear. They aim to:

  • Aim to keep litter in the box.
  • Minimize dusting outside of the box.
  • Keep spraying from escaping the box.

When I had kittens, I did use a low-sided litter box at first. It was fine when they were smaller, but as they got bigger and taller, when they’d kick to bury their pee clumps and poop, the litter would end up all over the floor. If you can find a litter box with an inviting opening, but high sides, it will be a better option than a litter box with a low, wall height all around.

In addition, Dr. Ernie Ward, veterinarian and veterinary medical lead at pet DNA company Basepaws, explains, “Litter boxes with higher sides provide additional security for cats. Some cats prefer privacy when using the litter box so the ability to duck beneath a wall gives them peace of mind when pottying.”

Ward, who’s also internationally recognized as a leading pet advocate, adds, “Male cats that tend to spray might benefit from a box with high sides, which can reduce the need for cleanups outside of the box. Plus, higher walls can help minimize litter spills and scatters, helping you to keep a tidy home.” 

Ward also warns, “Cats can be fussy regarding litter box preferences. Some favor high sides, while others deem it a hassle. If you notice that your healthy kitty is having occasional accidents outside of the litter box, try a lower, larger box. Older cats with arthritis or mobility issues may also appreciate a litter box with easy entry. If you have a new kitty, you can offer a variety of sizes and shapes to see which one your kitty picks.   

Even though high-sided litter boxes are a good option, there are a couple of potential challenges to know about. For one, some cats can be very fickle. Some might want a low-sided litter box because they are afraid to feel trapped. You’ll have to test a high-sided litter box and hope your cat will prefer it over the low-sided. 

Another potential challenge is size. Most high-sided litter boxes are generally larger than the low-sided ones. If you have plenty of room, no problem. If you’re limited in space, you may not find a high-sided litter box that’s compact enough to fit.

High-Sided Cat Litter Box Buyer’s Guide

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options. Consider these favors when shopping for a litter box, and trust in our experts’ advice.

Your Cat’s Needs

Finn suggests, “When shopping for a litter box for your cat, you really need to think about your individual cat or cats. If they are older, overweight, or really big then you need to accommodate them with a litter box that is easy for them to get in and out of and sit comfortably inside.”

Your Cat’s Preferences

Finn reminds, “Every single cat is different, and I really mean every single cat is different. Even two cats from the same litter, living in the same house, and the same breed may have different litter box preferences.” Finn says that some will prefer the high-walled boxes, while others may prefer a flatter pan-like litter box. You know your cat best, but if you’re not sure what they like, you’ll have to test. 


Too small of a litter box won’t be a good thing. Spoiler alert: The bigger, the better. You’ll want a large litter box that can accommodate your cat, especially if you have a kitten who’s going to eventually grow. According to Ward, “When selecting a litter box, bigger is always better. Make sure that the litter box is big enough to allow your kitty to turn around without touching the sides.”

Litter Type

Although this article revolves around high-sided litter boxes, we want to emphasize the importance of the type of litter you are using. Ward points out, it’s not just about the box. You have to factor in what’s in the box. “Don’t forget that litter is also a key element of litter box love. In general, clay, non-scented, clumping litter is the top pick for most cats,” he says. 

The Number of Litter Boxes

Finn also points out the number of litter boxes you have in your household is also an important factor. “I always recommend cat owners have at least one litter box per cat, plus an additional one in their homes at all times.”

Finn also mentions that you can have different litter box styles in your home to give your cat(s) options. For instance, choose covered and uncovered. “You may even have different types of litter, and in different areas of the house,” Finn suggests. “This will help you determine which litter box style your cats prefer and also helps you reduce the chance of any unwanted accidents in the home.”

SIamese cat near high-sided litter boxes

High-Sided Litter Box FAQs

Do cats like high-sided litter boxes?

While some cats can be very picky about where they do their business, many will appreciate a high-sided litter box because while they get their privacy, it also provides a surefire way to escape since it’s not covered. Most cats don’t like to feel trapped. 

Should you consider a covered litter box instead of a high-sided?

Ward warns that while some cats like the privacy of covered litter boxes, others might feel too confined. That’s another reason to consider a high-sided litter box.

How will you know what type of litter box your cat prefers?

You’ll have to experiment. Ward suggests, “If you’re unsure which type your kitty fancies, place a covered litter box next to an uncovered one and see which one gets the most use.”

Are high-sided litter boxes better?

It really depends on your preference, and your cat’s. There are many benefits to high-sided litter boxes over ones without high sides as mentioned earlier in this article. It’s easier to keep dust and litter from escaping, it gives cats privacy, and it prevents spraying outside the box. But, make sure your cat likes it before you fully commit. 

Which litter box has the highest sides?

We found many boxes with very high sides. Some have sides as high as 12 inches uncovered, while some have sides as high as two feet but that are fully covered. No two litter boxes are created equal. Check out our favorite picks above to select the one that suits you (and your cat) best. 

How should I transition my cat to a high-sided litter box?

When it comes to cats, going cold turkey and making a swap is not the best idea. Consider having two types of litter boxes at once to give your cat the option. Once you notice that they’re open to using your desired litter box, you can then remove the old box you didn’t prefer.

How can I train my cat to use a high-sided litter box?

Training your cat to use the new, high-sided litter box is as easy as leaving it out. As mentioned prior, you should have a couple of options for your feline rather than making a one to one swap, which could be jarring and cause the cat to not use any litter box at all. You won’t want to clean that mess.