Pet ID tags are one of the easiest ways to keep pets safe, but not all identification tags are created equal. A simple Internet search of “pet ID tags” produces over 79 million hits. Not only are these tags useful and practical, but many of them put the “fun” in functional.

Every year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of them wind up in animal shelters. Sadly, only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats in shelters without personalized pet ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners [1].

Our Top Picks

Consider these ID tags when you need to purchase a new one for your dog or cat:

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Best Pet ID Tag: Overall Winner

Our pick: MYLUCKYTAG NFC & QR Code Smart Pet ID Tag

best pet ID tags epoxy coated

This lightweight epoxy-coated personalized dog tag performs bigger than its pricetag. No app, subscriptions or batteries required to start use the MYLUCKYTAG for all the dogs and cats in your life. Whenever someone scans the QR on the tag, it will send your dog’s GPS location directly to your email account. You can also view the scanned location on Google Maps for extra peace of mind. It is easy to read, jingle free, durable, and waterproof. It will not fade and can be updated at any time through your account.


  • There are no activation or subscription fees, and the only cost is for the tag itself.
  • Anyone who finds a lost pet can easy scan the QR code to contact the pet’s owner.
  • One account can be used with multiple pets
  • Easy to set up and no recurring costs
  • Convenient account set up with room for multiple emergency contacts
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple color selections

Things to Consider

  • Some people may not have a cellular device or access to QR code scanning
  • A few complaints about the strength of the included ring breaking off
  • Dog’s name and location not visible on the tag itself

Best Stainless Steel Engravable Pet Tag

Our Pick: Red Dingo Stainless Steel Engravable Pet Tag

Stainless Steel Engravable Paw Pet Tag

This pet ID tag has it all: stainless steel for durability with an enamel coating featuring an attractive design. Pleasing to the eye and the budget, whether your dog is a female or male, this stainless-steel pet ID tag features a pawprint center and your choice of four colors. 

The stainless-steel ID tag my dog has worn for the last 10 years has stood the test of time, and I buff the back of it with soft cloth at least monthly to remove any mud or dirty marks from it. We take long walks and live in an area that goes through the four seasons. This tag has stood the test of time, the engraving has endured, and it looks as good as the day I bought it. 


  • Available in small, medium, and large.
  • Comes in four colors.
  • Personalize up to five lines on some of the sizes.
  • Eye catching round design. 
  • Nicely priced.

Things to Consider

  • If the pet’s name is more than 10 characters, it’s recommended to use a nickname so the font isn’t too small.
  • Unable to accommodate special characters like # or &.
  • Three lines of personalization on the small tag.

Best Custom Pet ID Tag

Our Pick: Fun Puns by Dog Tag Art

Fun Puns by Dog Tag Art

Some tags are more customizable than others, which comes in handy for special needs dogs, second phone numbers, additional caregivers, or medical information. 

Some custom pet ID tags come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and with fun sayings and designs on the front. Aside from showing off your pet’s personality, custom pet ID tags provide peace of mind. My dog has so many fun pun pet ID tags from Dog Tag Art, I’ve lost count. They are my go-to for reliability and fun, especially for photos and special holidays. 


  • Feature an unbreakable stainless-steel core.
  • Circular design with option for tag protector that glows in the dark.
  • Smooth coating on the surface lessens the noise of the tag clanging.
  • Long-lasting graphics. 
  • Option to enroll in the virtual leash program to create an online pet profile.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime legibility guarantee.

Things To Consider

  • More expensive than most customizable pet ID tags.
  • Split keyring for attachment only. 

Runners Up

With so many custom pet ID tags from which to choose, we have a few runners up in this category, which include:

Leash King Deep Laser Custom Engraved Slide-On Pet ID: This slide-on, custom pet ID tag comes is a few different finishes (gold, black, rose gold, silver) and looks elevated and cool. Plus, it’s silent and won’t jingle as your dog plays or walks. 

YiXiEr Cute Custom Pet ID Tags: Okay, these stainless steel customizable tags are completely adorable. Not only do they let you add your dog or cat’s name, but they offer a variety of sweet designs to add on. All important information like your address and phone number can go on the other side. Plus, they’re very reasonably priced! 

Best Silent Pet ID Tag

Our pick: SiliDog The Silent Dog Tag

SiliDog The Silent Dog Tag

Tags that don’t jingle or make much noise are a highly sought-after choice for some pet parents. Some pets may be annoyed by collars that jingle and jangle. Not everyone likes to hear a clanging or bell-like sound on their pet’s collar. 

As seen on the popular television show, Shark Tank, SiliDog silent ID tags are made of silicone and not metal so your pet won’t jingle when she moves. As a bonus, the SiliDog tag glows in the dark and helps keep pets visible in low lighting. 

In addition to including up to six lines of text on the bone shape, the high-quality color choices and engraving will not fade with time. The durable design means pets can play, walk, run, and roughhouse without the tag showing visible wear and tear.


  • Easily washes with soap and water.
  • Glows in the dark.
  • More lines of text than most others (six).
  • Color won’t fade.
  • Multiple color selections.
  • Information stays clear and visible. 

Things To Consider

  • Split ring attachment.
  • Some say dogs who wrestle managed to tear it. 
  • May not be suitable for puppies who chew and try to rip into it. 
  • Higher price point.

Runners Up 

Frost Mountain Silicone Dog ID Tag: Scratch resistant pet ID tag with a double-sided design, personalization includes up to six lines of text free of charge. Temperature tolerant and comfortable on a collar.

GoTags Personalized ID Tag with Silencer: Durable and long-lasting, the GoTags Silent Pet ID Tag allows four lines of text on each side. Glows in the dark and is cut into the shape of a bone for a cute theme. 

Best Funny Pet ID Tag

Our Pick: Big Jerk Custom Pet ID Tags

Big Jerk Custom Pet ID Tags

This was the hardest category to research because the Internet is chock full of funny pet ID tags. However, not all of the funny tags we found get our seal of approval. For fun in photos, on Instagram or TikTok, or just to cheer up friends and family who encounter your pet, consider these funny pet ID tags. 

Made without stickers or vinyl lettering, Big Jerk are made of durable aluminum. Each tag holds up to four lines of text. .

The funny sayings and quotes on the front side of the tag are sure to stop the scroll and engage fans of socially-savvy pets. 

Some of our favorite funny sayings include “I’m Lost. Call Mom Before She Starts Ugly Crying,” “I Poop Rainbows,” and “Invader of Personal Space.” 


  • Tons of funny sayings to choose from. 
  • Designed for durability
  • Four lines of text with 20 characters on each line.
  • Available in large and small sizes.

Things To Consider

  • Comes with split ring attachment. 

Best Slide-On Pet ID Tag

Our Pick: GoTags Slide-On Dog Tags in Stainless Steel

GoTags Slide-On Dog Tags in Stainless Steel

Not all tags are suitable to hang off a pet’s collar, and that’s why slide-on tags are perfect. Prevent tags from getting caught on things in nature or around the house with a slide-on pet ID tag. Active dogs tend to whizz by their pet parents, so dangling ID tags are not ideal. For dogs with long hair or cats who like to jump, slide-on tags are easy to wear and very functionable. 

Sliding a tag onto a collar is easy, and GoTags’ design is ready to go. Not only is the jingling sound of a dangling tag eliminated, but the slide pet ID tag remains totally secure on a pet’s collar. Best of all, the tag won’t fall off and stays securely in place on a dog or cat’s collar.

Many pet parents consider slide-on pet ID tags much safer than traditional hanging tags. The tag lies flat against your pet’s collar and contains all of your important identifying information. 


  • Slips directly over a pet’s collar instead of hanging.
  • Space for four lines of text.
  • Open design fits adjustable snap closure collars, in four sizes.
  • Closed design fits belt buckle closure collars, in three sizes.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Permanent laser engraving.

Things to Consider

  • Flat design is not flush against the pet’s collar.
  • Some say the writing could be deeper/more legible. 
  • Does not accommodate a thicker nylon collar.

Runners Up

Lucky Pet Slide-On Collar Tags: Easy to attach with no tools, the curve in this slide-on pet ID tag matches the shape of a pet’s collar. Stainless steel and available in two styles to fit more collars.

Boomerang Slide-On Collar Tags: Text remains legible for life of the pet guaranteed, and Boomerang’s slide-on pet ID tag will not get caught, does not require a hook or riung, and makes no noise. Their design matches the curve of a pet’s neck.

Best Enamel Pet ID Tag

Our Pick: Red Dingo Enamel Pet ID Tags

Red Dingo Enamel Pet ID Tags

Beautiful enamel on stainless steel tags means tags will never corrode or rust. We love that these are available in small, medium, and large because tags, like pets, are unique and one size does not fit all. Enamel pet tags look beautiful but they also wear well because of the stainless-steel material. Red Dingo is an established brand in the pet industry and has been making enamel pet ID tags for years. 

From anchors to flowers, hearts to fire hydrants, there are a countless number of enamel designs in the Red Dingo collection. I’ve personally gifted many Red Dingo tags to friends with new puppies and dogs. With so many designs to choose from, it’s easy to start a collection depending on your mood and your pet’s personality. 


  • Available plenty of sizes for dogs and cats.
  • Long-lasting, stainless-steel material with enamel coating.
  • Wide selection of designs on front of tag.
  • Multiple lines of text on back. 
  • Free personalizing and engraving. 
  • Variety of enamel colors. 

Things to Consider

  • Higher price point than some other pet ID tags.

Runners Up

DogIDs Enamel Designer Dog ID Tags: Available in small or large, these stainless steel and enamel tags are designed by one of dogID’s very own designers. Thick and sturdy, each piece is epoxy dome sealed with nine fonts from which to choose. Engraving is guaranteed for life. 

Quick Tag Personalized Bone Epoxy Enameled Pet ID Tag: Be the lead dog or cat with this chrome-plated epoxy-inlay personalized pet ID tag. Allows up to four lines of text, polished mirror surface, and both chic and fashionable in small or large. 

Best Digital Pet ID Tag

Our Pick: PetfetchID Pre-Engraved Smart Pet ID Tag

petfetchID smart ID tag

Each PetfetchID tag gives pet parents lifetime access to their pet loss retrieval service. Tags come with a unique pre-engraved ID so lost pets can be reunited with the click of the mouse. Simply build a digital pet profile, add a photo and any contact information, and input your pet’s medical details. In the event your pet is lost, PetfetchID anonymously connects owners with the finder of lost pets using a police-certified patented Pet Loss Retrieval Service. 

We love these ID tags because they are smart, safe, stylish, and use a unique ID number to identify and protect the pet. Once the finder of a missing pet inserts your details into the system, they will have access to all the information you’ve shared about your pet. 


  • Recipient of Secured by Design certification by Association of Chief Police Officers in the United Kingdom. 
  • Easily attaches to a pet’s collar and uses a tag ID number for identification. 
  • Wide variety of cute designs for the front of the tag from donuts to space “cat-dets.” 
  • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Each PetfetchID tag comes with a lifetime loss protection service.

Things to Consider

  • Not everyone has immediate access to a computer or mobile device when they find a lost pet. 
  • Digital pet tag does not display pet’s information on tag but online.
  • Laser print text reads “please return me at” with ID number.

Runners Up

PetHub: A digital ID tag that helps return lost pets easily. If your pet goes missing, PetHub tells all shelters within a 50-mile radius to be on the lookout. Available in basic and premium packages for dogs and cats, with family plans for multiple pet households. 

dogIDs Microchipped Pet ID Tag: One side contains important information and the other side contains the words “I Am Microchipped” with your pet’s microchip ID. Available in stainless steel or brass, includes S-hook and split ring. 

Reasons You Need A Pet ID Tag

Beyond aesthetic appeal and making a fashion statement, pet ID tags serve a potentially lifesaving service. No one wants to think about their dog or cat going missing, but should something happen, an up-to-date pet ID tag can help reunite you with your lost pet

Even pets who spend most of their time indoors and have a microchip should still have a pet ID tag on their collar with current information. Take a look at your pet’s ID tag and answer the following quick questions. 

Is the tag:

  • Up to date with current, accurate information?
  • Is the engraving or writing legible and easy to see?
  • Does the tag show wear and tear?
  • Is the tag securely in place on my pet’s collar?

If you don’t have a pet ID tag on your dog or cat, now is the time to order one or more. If your pet has an ID tag but the information is outdated, it’s time to replace it. Fortunately, I’ve purchased dozens of pet ID tags for my dogs over the years and talked to other pet parents about their personal preferences. 

An ID tag lets the general public know your dog isn’t a stray and that you are a responsible pet parent. While at the grooming or veterinarian, a pet ID is helpful for anyone who has contact with your dog or cat. 

What to Look for When Choosing Pet ID Tags

Cat with ID best pet ID tags on collar

Rather than wading through close to 80 million search results, we’ve gathered the top qualities a pet ID tag should have. Keep these factors in mind before ordering your pet a new identification tag:

Durability. Hands down, a quality pet ID tag should be durable and be able to hold up to long walks, get knocked around on the ground and when cling-clanging against other items on a pet’s collar. We took a close look at customer reviews on the tags in this list and put them to the test by using many of them in our own lives. 

Space for Engraving. Some pet ID tags allow one to two lines maximum, which might not be ideal if you want an address and/or alternate phone number listed. Some companies emboss print onto an ID tag rather than engrave it. Embossing allows the letters to be raised above the surface of the dog tag while engraving cuts into the tag. 

Features/Style. There are a variety of ways to wear a pet ID tag from a split ring to slide-on. If your dog spends a lot of time swimming, doing agility or other outdoorsy activities, a slide-on pet ID tag might be best. For neighborhood walks and romps at the dog park, a typical dangling pet ID tag on a split ring is generally fine. 

Price. Some pet ID tags cost more than others depending on the features, material, benefits, and design. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, so pay close attention to the composition and materials used in the tag.

Aesthetic. Above all, a high quality and long-lasting pet ID tag is important, but if you aren’t happy with how the tag looks, it might not be worth an investment. Pet ID tag companies know that pets are a part of the family, so many companies offer an array of styles, colors, and shapes to suit every taste. 

Smart Tag or Traditional Tag. Smart tags provide a stylish, digital way to keep dogs and cats safe and properly identified. Considered a viable alternative to traditional pet ID tags, smart tags infuse digital technology for modern pet parents. From QR codes to Bluetooth technology and GPS tracking, smart tags are available with various features depending on the manufacturer.

How We Ranked Our Top ID Tags

In compiling our list of the best pet ID tags for dogs and cats, we used our own 30 years of pet parent experiences coupled with talking to pet parents, reading reviews, exploring features, and making sure the tags are durable and useful. 

We favor pet ID tags that are sturdy but affordable and attractive. We know sometimes pet parents just want to have fun, so we’ve included funny and cute tags without compromising quality. 

We also looked at what pet parents had to say about how the various pet ID tags wore with time. Personally, my dog is hard on his tags, and I like to change them out for various seasons, holidays, events, photos, and occasions.