LaPerm cat breed
The LaPerm is a curly-coated cutie who’s typically friendly, loving and curious. She’s known for her coat, which is usually wavy or has ringlets, and often seen in tortoiseshell, tabby or red (though it comes in any color or pattern). Learn more about this lovely feline and whether she might be the right cat breed for you.

They’ve often got a love of heights.

It’s not uncommon to find a LaPerm riding on shoulders or climbing to the top of her cat tree to watch whatever is going on.

They can be good with strangers.

If the LaPerm is socialized at a young age, she can often interact well with you and your guests, as well as cat-friendly dogs.

They’re usually active.

The LaPerm has a relatively high energy level, and she’s typically busy. Don’t be surprised if you see her using her paws to open things or batting your arm for some attention.

They’re usually easy to groom.

The LaPerm’s coat usually doesn’t shed much and typically needs a weekly combing. However, she occasionally may go through a heavy shed after which her coat may come in thicker than before.

They’re typically social.

The LaPerm usually likes to be involved with whatever her people are doing, and she’s often affectionate. Though she may be active, she usually won’t turn down an opportunity to sit in your lap and be petted.

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