Believe it or not, fireworks don’t mix with everything. Take pets, for example.

Pets have much better hearing than we do, and no understanding of why in the world explosions would be going off all around them. From their point of view, fireworks are justifiably petrifying.
If your pet suffers from a fear of fireworks, you can (and should) help. Try to provide him with comfortable, noise-proof or noise-resistant places to go. White noise from TVs and radios can also help distract him and reduce his anxiety. If you simply can’t escape the scary noises by staying inside your house, consider taking your pet for a ride in the car or even boarding him at a quiet place when you know there will be fireworks near your home. Finally, reach out to your veterinarian and ask for advice. They can suggest further anti-anxiety practices, products and (if needed) medications. Your vet can also provide personalized recommendations tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet.

I have seen too many terrified pets injured or killed while fleeing fireworks. Please make sure your furry friends have all the support they need to stay safe and stress-free before fireworks fill the sky.