All kittens are cute, but Scottish Fold kittens are extra cute. Their signature ears make them look like owls, teddy bears or pixies. And, since we like to share all things cute with you, we just had to make a roundup of the most adorable Scottish Fold kitten videos on the Web. It was tough, but we somehow managed to narrow our choices down to five precious videos that we promise will make your day a little brighter.

What’s in the Bag?

There’s something quite mysterious in the bag Garfield the Scottish Fold kitten is playing with. What could be inside? You’ll never guess. OK, you can probably guess… it’s pretty obvious. (Side note: If you wish to recreate this adorable video, use a bag without handles — it’s safer.)

Garfield vs mysterious thing in the bag! :)))For more

Posted by Suzie on Monday, February 23, 2015

Follow the Feather Toy (You’re Getting Very Sleepy)

See these Highland Fold kittens watch a feather toy. Mesmerizing, right? Like you might’ve just been hypnotized. But, wait a minute, isn’t this video roundup about Scottish Folds? What are Highland Folds and why aren’t these kittens’ ears folded? Fun fact: Not all Scottish Folds have folded ears; some are born with straight ears and, as you can see, they are just as cute and cuddly. And, Highland Folds are the longhaired variety of Scottish Folds — they’re considered the same breed.

Eyes As Big As Saucers

Wow! Those eyes are something else. This Scottish Fold kitty is Gimo, he hails from South Korea and he’s becoming a viral sensation thanks to those amazing peepers.

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We Dare You Not to Yawn

When one kitten starts yawning, the others follow suit. Bet you’re yawning right now, too. And the person sitting next to you. And the person sitting next to the person sitting next to you. Yawn dominoes!

Strollers Aren’t Just for Kids

Sorry, there’s only room for one kitten in the back compartment of this stroller. The other kittens don’t seem to be getting the message. Really, guys, there’s no room. on Vetstreet: