Interactive Cat Toys for Your Festive Feline

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration, and we can't think of any better way to spread holiday cheer than by playing with a darling kitty!

Cute Christmas Gifts for Kitties

Track Toy

Keep your kitty occupied and out of your hair while you're busy wrapping presents this year with a fun toy like this.

Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball, on sale for $16.99 at

Doctors Foster and Smith

Kitty Activity Center

When you want your cat to have it all, give it all to her! Catit has a whole line of interactive toys that can be used individually or together.

Catit Senses Activity Toys, $9.99-$19.99 per part at Doctors Foster and Smith

Toy Mouse

You'll be sure to have a very meow-y Christmas watching your cat chase after this little mouse.

Dogmatic Catzip Chase Toy Mouse, $8.49 at


Wooden Peek-n-Play Toy

It might look classic and traditional to us, but it's fun and new to your cat — especially when you hide treats within!

Peek-n-Play Mini Interactive Cat Toy, $23 at Muttropolis

Ball of Furry Fury

You have to love a toy that's as cute as it is fun to play with. The folks at Play-n-Squeak have that combination down.

Play-N-Squeak Ball of Furry Fury, $9.99 at

The Cat and Kitten Store

Santa Hat Toy

Whether she's naughty or nice, your cat will love playing with this fuzzy, springy toy.

Zanies Santa Paws Hat Cat Toy, $18 at The Cat and Kitten Store


Kitty Pirate Ship

Between the crinkle pad, hanging toys, and hiding spots, your cat will be ready to set sail in this adorable pirate ship!

ToyShoppe Playables Kitty Pirate Ship Cat Toy, $24.99 at PetSmart

Panic Mouse Inc.

Undercover Mouse Toy

The only thing that entices a playful kitty more than a mouse is a hidden mouse.

2Gen Undercover Mouse, $32.95 at Panic Mouse

Cat Connection

Crunchy Feather Toy

It dances, it makes noise. It's all your kitty could ever want for Christmas!

PURRfect Crunchy Feather Cat Toy, $10.99 at Cat Connection

Pet Solutions

Swiss Cheese Motion Toy

Between the continually moving feather toy and skittering hidden mouse marbles, your cat will have an extremely happy holiday.

Purr-Pet-ual Motion Cat Toy, $17.99 at PetSolutions

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