8 Surprising Animal Superstitions

Meeting a dog is good luck. I always think I’m fortunate whenever I meet a dog, and plenty of superstitions support that belief. According to folklore in various parts of the world, it’s good luck to meet a Greyhound with a white spot or a Dalmatian (spotted dogs must really be something special). If a strange black dog follows you home, you’ll have good luck. Seems to me that it would be even better luck for the dog if you decide to adopt him.

Dogs and cats can predict the weather. For instance, if a dog retreats underneath your dining room table or curls up in a corner, cold weather is coming. The same is said of a cat sitting with his back to the fire: It’s a sure sign that frost is on the way.

Superstitions and myths about animals abound, and I love learning about them, sharing them and — when necessary — debunking harmful or misleading beliefs. I’ll share more some other time.

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