10 Breeds Most Likely to Win the 2014 Westminster Dog Show

We're less than a week out from the 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and we've been waiting patiently for Vegas oddsmaker Johnny Avello to predict which breeds have the best shot at taking Best in Show. This is Avello's eighth year calculating the odds, and he was correct on his No. 1 breed the first year and in 2012.

No one can know exactly what will happen at Madison Square Garden next Tuesday night, but if we were you, we'd keep an eye on these top canine contenders. Check out our photo gallery to see which breeds made the Wynn's top 10.

10 Breeds Most Likely to Win Westminster


Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 10: Standard Poodle

Johnny Avello and the Wynn predict that the tenth most likely breed to take Best in Show is the Standard Poodle. Known for her poufy, shaved and bouffant coat in the show ring, the last time the Standard Poodle brought home Best in Show was in 1991 with Ch Whisperwind On A Carousel.
Odds: 25 to 1.

Clumber Spaniel

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 9: Clumber Spaniel

Nicknamed the "retired gentleman’s spaniel," the mischievous and slobbering Clumber Spaniel was one of the nine breeds first recognized by the AKC.
Odds: 22 to 1.

Jack Russell Terrier

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

No. 8: Russell Terrier

A relative newcomer to Westminster, the Russell Terrier gained full recognition from the AKC in 2012, and in just two years, the breed already has a pretty good shot at winning Best in Show.
Odds: 20 to 1.

Miniature Pinscher

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography

No. 7: Miniature Pinscher

The spirited and fearless Miniature Pinscher reigns as the “King of the Toys,” but has never won Westminster. Will it be his lucky year?
Odds: 18 to 1.

 Giant Schnauzer

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 6: Giant Schnauzer

The largest of the Schnauzer breeds, the Giant Schnauzer is an independent-minded working dog bred to drive cattle in Germany. 
Odds: 16 to 1.

Doberman Pinscher

Julie Poole, Animal Photography

No. 5: Doberman Pinscher

The intelligent and courageous Doberman Pinscher gets an unfair reputation as an aggressive dog, but his devoted fans consider him a loving and loyal companion.
Odds: 15 to 1.

Irish Water Spaniel

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 4: Irish Water Spaniel

Impressively, the Irish Water Spaniel is one of only nine dogs who can claim to be an original American Kennel Club breed. It was first recognized when the AKC began in 1884.
Odds: 14 to 1.

Old English Sheepdog

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 3: Old English Sheepdog

It's no surprise that the gorgeous Old English Sheepdog made this list, considering how much the Westminster crowd loved 2013's Reserve Best in Show winner Swagger.
Odds: 12 to 1.

Wire Fox Terrier

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography

No. 2: Wire Fox Terrier

The investigative Wire Fox Terrier has double coat, with a topcoat that's thick and harsh to the touch. Sky the Wire Fox Terrier took Best in Show at the 2012 National Dog Show.
Odds: 10 to 1.

Portuguese Water Dog

Ron Willbie, Animal Photography

No. 1: Portuguese Water Dog

According to the odds determined by Johnny Avello and the Wynn, the breed most likely to take Best in Show is the enthusiastic and outgoing Portuguese Water Dog.
Odds: 8 to 1.


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