10 Reasons to Love a Mutt

6. Mutts May Live Longer

Studies conducted in Denmark and North America showed that mixed-breed dogs tended to have lengthier average life spans compared to purebreds.

7. They Can Participate in Many Sports Geared Toward Purebreds

If your all-American dog is an athlete, he can compete and earn titles in agility, dock diving, flyball, canine disc, freestyle (dancing with dogs), lure coursing, obedience, rally and more.

8. These Dogs Have Cool Roots

In appearance, many mutts bear features of the earliest domesticated dogs. So if your mixed breed sports a short, yellow-to-light-brown coat; has prick ears and is of medium height and weight, he likely resembles the ancestors of the modern dog.

9. They Bring Out Your Charitable Side

Mutts represent about 75 percent of the shelter population, so adopting one of these dogs allows you to support your local shelter by reducing the population of pups who need homes.

10. Mutts Unleash Pure Love

These dogs can love you wholeheartedly — and you'll both benefit from saving a mutt's life.


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