11 Most Fashionable Pets on Instagram

As the fashion world descends on New York City to discover fall's top looks during Fashion Week, we thought we’d share some of the more stylish pets on Instagram.

Here are 11 of our favorites.

11 Most Fashionable Pets on Instagram

dog dressed up in menswear
Menswear Dog
Not everyone can pull off a turtleneck, but this stylish Shiba Inu works it like Steve McQueen. Bodhi — the pup’s real name — has turned looking good into a business. He’s modeled for labels like Coach, Brooks Brothers, Ted Baker and American Apparel and brings home $15,000 a month for his efforts. See more @mensweardog.
dog and owner in rain coats
Neville Jacobs
Neville, a Bull Terrier, can often be found wearing a sporty yellow slicker on the streets of New York City, sometimes matching his owner, fashion designer Marc Jacobs. On occasion, he models his dad’s line and pals around with supermodels like Christy Turlington. See more @nevillejacobs.
dog in red flannel shirt
Choo Choo Charlie
This French Bulldog can be seen in Manhattan with his best friend, Neville Jacobs, and hanging out at designer Marc Jacobs’ office. The pup keeps things business casual with collared shirts and Ruby Rufus cashmere, and he has been spotted with Karlie Kloss and other models. See more @choochoocharlies.
bunny with chanel logo
Cecil Delevingne
Cecil the rabbit, who has his own Chanel camellia pin and Mulberry bag, is always runway ready. He and his BFF, model Cara Delevingne, met on the set of a Topshop campaign and are often seen hobnobbing together. See more @cecildelevingne.
white cat curled up on chair
Choupette Lagerfeld
Choupette, the Siamese who belongs to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, has graced the cover of Vogue Brasil and inspired Japanese cosmetics brand Mon Shu’s collection, Shu Uemura. The It kitty also has a set of emoticons designed in her honor by her owner. They’re included in the app emotiKarl. See more @choupettesdiary.
dog in hat and heels
Trotter, a hipster French Bulldog, can be seen on the streets of San Francisco wearing Goorin Brothers hats and posing for her mom, photographer Sonya Yu. She’s not afraid to have a little fun with her fashion — she’s been known to wear long-haired pink and blond wigs, and has even found inspiration from USA soccer player Clint Dempsey’s Sports Illustrated cover. Trotter did a campaign with PayPal in 2013 to raise money for two San Francisco-based animal shelters. See more @trotterpup.
Siamese cat on bed
Aleister Von Teese
Burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese’s Devonshire Rex, Aleister, isn’t afraid to sparkle with a little Bulgari bling. The cat also travels in style in his own Louis Vuitton carrier and finds that even high fashion can be comfortable — he once took a nap on his mom’s vintage Thierry Mugler suit dress. See more @aleistervonteese.
pomeranian dressed up in clothes sitting on stool
Jiff, who makes an appearance in singer Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video, rocks his signature style of a baseball tee and chains, with the occasional hoodie thrown in for good measure. The Pomeranian was also recently BaubleBar’s guest “bark” tender and inspired a studded pet collar at the fashion jewelry retailer. See more @jiffpom.
dog with tongue sticking out
Marnie, a sassy senior Shih Tzu, isn’t afraid to get girly with sweaters and bows. This partying pooch can be found hanging out with stars like designer Betsey Johnson, singer Demi Lovato and actresses Tina Fey and Lena Dunham. She mugs for the camera with her signature pose: head cocked, tongue out. See more @marniethedog.
dog in skull sweater
French Bulldog Bleecker, who keeps cozy and stylish in 360 Sweater Skull Cashmere, is often spotted with mom Danielle Bernstein on her fashion blog, WeWoreWhat. The native New Yorker also keeps warm — and at the top of the trends — in his American Beagle Outfitters puffer jacket. See more @bleecker_thefrenchie.
female model holding dog
Pica’s eclectic style ranges from casual hoodies to sailor suits to animal-print bows, all pulled off effortlessly. The Pomeranian did a commercial with Vogue and Piperlime and has been spotted with model Poppy Delevingne and actress Rashida Jones. The philanthropist pooch is also using her popularity to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. See more @picathepom.

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