5 Ways to Keep a Waiting Room Safe and Sane for You and Your Pet

Time Your Exit From the Exam Room

Waiting rooms can go from calm to chaotic during the time your pet is being examined, so again, look and listen before exiting the exam room. If you don't think your pet can handle the environment, request that you and your pet stay in the exam room until the staff can prepare the necessary take-home medications and finalize the bill. If necessary, give them payment while you are in the exam room or, if they have your credit card on file, approve the payment and ask them to email you a copy of the receipt. That way you can leave the exam room and take your pet directly to your car.

Finally, keep in mind that stress is hard on you and your pets and is easy to pass along. If your pet is nervous, it can make you nervous and vice versa. Some animals get anxious in the waiting room regardless of surrounding noise or activity. That's why employing these veterinary clinic tactics can aid in making veterinary visits more calming for your pet and saner for you.

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