6 of Our Favorite Internet-Famous Senior Dogs

These days, it's not just puppies who are making a name for themselves on the Internet: Senior dogs are taking over our social media feeds. They have their own Instagram and Facebook accounts with thousands of fans, and are signing endorsement deals and advocating for pet-related charities. That's a lot of work for someone who is approaching retirement age!

Here are six of our favorite Internet-famous senior dogs. You will love following them as much as we do.

Famous Senior Pets

dog wrapped in blanket
Chloe Kardoggian

Chloe Kardoggian was adopted two years ago at age 9 and a half. She's 11 now and has never been happier or more famous. With more than 46,000 Instagram followers, she uses her celebrity powers for good, speaking out against puppy mills and helping raise money for animal shelters.

dog laying in the sun
Bonnie Living the Life

Bonnie is 18 years old and still going strong. She is playful and loves spreading the word that "senior dogs have so much life in them and have the same or more love to offer."

pug with fire truck
Hamilton the Pug

Hamilton Pug is living the rags-to-riches story. He was adopted from a shelter in Ohio and moved to NYC with his owner. His proper name is Hamilton, but he is also known as Hamburger, Hamstring, Hambone, Hamlet, Hammy, Hammer, Hamslice, Hambear or just Ham. 

dog dressed up in clothes
Mervin the Chihuahua

Mervin the Chihuahua's motto is "no teeth, no problem." This little guy has more than 30,000 Instagram followers — and a newly adopted brother named Jack, who is also on the senior side (at 8 years old). Congrats, Mervin!

dog on boat
Susie the Dog

Susie the Dog may be 15 years old, but that's not slowing her down. She shares her home with the humans behind Susie's Senior Dogs, which advocates for adoptable senior pets, and Humans of New York.

dog laying with colorful collar
Lil Baby Boogie

Lil Baby Boogie lives up to her name: This senior rescue pup has some pretty sweet dance moves. She also has two senior pet siblings and is using her growing Instagram following to advocate for adoption.

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