7 Pet Problems — and the Products That Solve Them

We're always on the lookout for creative products that help with our everyday pet problems — like not having enough space in the bedroom for a cat tree, or trying to alleviate our dogs' chicken- or beef-flavored breath. Of course we love them... we just don't always want a meat-flavored kiss.

So we picked out seven innovative new products that solve common issues that readers like you write in about. Check out the gallery, and you might find a simple solution to a problem you didn't even know you had!

Creative Solutions for Training, Eating and Playing

Hangin Cat Condo

K&H Pet Products

Hangin' Cat Condo

Problem: You want to give your cat an enriching space to play, but you don't have much room.

Solution: If you're short on space but still want some big fun for your cat, this is the way to go. The Hangin' Cat Condo comes in a single or multicat size, and attaches to your door at the top and anchors at the bottom, so it's super sturdy. Plus, it folds up flat when you take it off, making it ideal for small spaces or travel.

Hangin' Cat Condo from K&H Pet Products, available fall 2013 in pet retail stores for $129–$179.

Petchup Condiments

Problem: Your finicky feline refuses to eat her plain canned food.

Solution: Your food tastes better with condiments, so wouldn't your pet enjoy that too? Petchup's nutritional condiments for cats and dogs add a little extra flavor to their meals. Plus, they have great names: Petchup and Muttstard for dogs, and Catchup and Meowstard for cats.

Petchup condiments, available online for $15.90 and up.

Kong Off-On Squeaker Bone
Kong Off/On Squeaker Toys

Problem: Your dog can't get enough of his favorite squeaky toy, but the noise drives you crazy sometimes.

Solution: The Kong Off/On Squeaker Toys make noise when you want them to, and are quiet when you don't. Just flip the switch and your dog can continue playing, even when you need some silence. The product comes in small, medium and large sizes, and the designs are bone, bear, whale, dog and rattle shapes.

Kong Off/On Squeaker Toys, available on Amazon for $8.99 to $14.99.

Feed Safe

Problem: You can't feed your cat without your dog rushing over and eating all her kibble.

Solution: The Feed Safe is a dome-shaped space that is big enough for your cat (or small dog) to enter and enjoy her meal — but it'll befuddle your German Shepherd. The pet enters the 16-inch-tall area through an adjustable sliding door and can eat in peace. When she's through with her meal and comes out, you can unlock the top lid and remove the Feed Safe's two stainless steel bowls for cleaning. Watch this video to see how it works.

Feed Safe, available this spring at Feed-Safe.com for $129.

Evercare Scents

Courtesy of Evercare

Evercare Scents

Problem: You have a lint roller that works on your shirt, but what about all the fur that gets on your sofa?

Solution: Next month, Evercare will roll out a new product that's big enough to remove hair from furniture and other upholstery. The new Giant size features what the company calls an "encapsulated scent." That means that the scent is sandwiched between the paper and the glue (underneath the adhesive), so none of the chemicals come in contact with your furniture when you use the roller.

Evercare Scents, available in June at Target stores for $4.49.


Mike Forte

Coleash Dog Collar

Problem: Sometimes you need to grab hold of your pet quickly, but you don't have time to clip on a leash.

Solution: The Coleash is the easy collar-leash combination that we've been looking for. It looks like a regular collar, but it has a short control leash that snaps out — giving you a quick way to grab hold of your dog. It's perfect if you want a secure grip when you open your home's front door, or if you just need to lead your canine from the dog park back to the car. There's also a companion product called the Coleash Harness, plus variations that glow in the dark.

Coleash, available online for $19.99.

Lickety Stik
Lickety Stik Gel

Problem: Your dog's treats make his breath smell like chicken.

Solution: The makers of the Lickety Stik (which our dogs already love) have invented a gel that works as a tasty treat and a breath freshener at the same time. When treating your dog during training sessions, just twist the dial and give your dog a lick — instead of handing him a cookie that crumbles all over the place. The breath-freshening varieties come in three flavors: Winter Peppermint, Icy Spearmint and Cool Eucalyptus.

Lickety Stik Gel, available this spring at pet retail stores for $7.99.

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