7 Signs That Little Pomeranians Are a Big Deal

Pomeranians might be small, but they are way more than just tiny fluff balls who happen to fit in your purse. You see, Poms are kind of a big deal — and here is definitive proof.

We know who really starts fashion trends — and it’s not Vogue.

Fashionable Pomeranian wearing jean overalls
Sachi looks fierce in her denim outfit.

Poms don’t have to ask to be carried around like a baby. It just happens.

Pomeranian being held like a baby
Something tells us that Zoe knows how to get what she wants.

Can you think of anyone who’s classier and more debonair? Didn’t think so.

Classy gentleman Pomeranian
Kodiak learned everything about being a real gentleman from the most dapper Pom of all: Gentleman Norman.

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