7 Signs Your Dog Owns You

You might proudly call yourself a dog owner, pet parent or canine guardian, but let’s be real: Your dog owns you. You might be laughing now, but think about it — you've surrendered the best seat on the sofa to him, you plan your entire weekend around his trips to the dog park, and you take him to the groomer more often than you get your own hair cut.

And let's not forget who's in every photo on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Sound familiar? We thought so. But in case you still think you're in charge, here are seven classic signs that your dog is the one calling the shots.

1. She dresses better than you do.

Halo the Havanese wears an adorable dress.
Where did Halo the 1-year-old Havanese get that dress? We want a human version.

2. He gets first dibs on what to watch on TV.

Bones the chocolate Lab watched TV.
Bones the chocolate Lab might lack opposable thumbs, but he's clearly in control of the TV.

3. She takes youfor walks.

Dog with leash in mouth.
Leashes are for walking humans, right?

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