8 Reasons Dogs Can't Wait for Fall to Begin

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Many of us can’t wait to sip our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season, cheer for our favorite football teams and throw on our coziest sweaters. But what about our canine friends? Are they as excited as we are that it is almost fall? We’d like to think so! The pools may be closed and the days might be shorter, but there are plenty of reasons for dogs to love everything autumn has to offer.

To get in the fall spirit, we've rounded up our favorite fan-submitted photos of dogs enjoying the season and paired them with a few reasons why we suspect canines (and their owners, if we're being honest) can't wait for fall to begin.

Why These Dogs Are Excited for Autumn

Capone the assistance dog in training on leaf pile

There are plenty of leaf piles to lie in.

Capone is an assistance dog-in-training and a leaf pile jumping expert — two very important canine qualities. (But remember, you should always make sure any leaf piles your dog might play in are filled only with leaves before any jumping commences. Safety first!)

Archer and Shadow jump for leaves
And there are also plenty of leaves to chase.

Archer the Alaskan Malamute (left) and Shadow the German Shepherd (right) certainly know how to have a fun-filled autumn day.

Lucy the 8-week-old Pug puppy finds a leaf

If you're really lucky, you'll catch one of those elusive leaves.

She may be only 8 weeks old, but Lucy the Pug already knows how to make the most out of autumn.

Yugo the Havanese walking on leafy road
Cooler weather means longer walks, right?

It looks like the rain is over and Yugo the Havanese can finally enjoy a nice, cool walk outside.

Marley the Flat-Coated Retriever enjoys his first fall

Photo shoots are easy. Just get some fall colors in the background.

Fashion Week may be over, but this Flat-Coated Retriever sure knows how to pose for the camera!

Blizzard the Miniature Schnauzer poses with pumpkins

Or add pumpkins!

Blizzard the Miniature Schnauzer knows that it is never too early to carve a jack-o'-lantern.

Stella and Beebo are ready for fall

A certain holiday is right around the corner.

These pups have heard great things about what happens on October 31.

Yogi the chocolate Lab puppy is ready to scare everyone on Halloween

And it's never too early for a spooky prank!

Eek! This chocolate Lab puppy is surely playing a trick on somebody with that scary spider toy. But it's a real treat to see how cute he looks even with his arachnid accessory.

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