8 Sweet Photos of Veterinary Technicians Showing Pets Love

Veterinary technicians are often the unsung heroes of the animal care world. But many times, they’re the ones to give your beloved pet some much-needed TLC during their nervous moments at the veterinary clinic.

For National Veterinary Technician Week, we’re showing our love for vet techs by showcasing photos that our Facebook fans submitted of these doting technicians having sweet moments with the pets in their care.

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Honoring These Unsung Heroes

Basset Hound with vet tech

Nancy Turno via Facebook

Cuddling must be one of the best parts of a vet tech's job! Here, technician Carolyn Torno holds an adorable Basset Hound puppy at Hillside Animal Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. The tech's proud mom submitted this photo.

cat balances on vet tech's back

Anne G Myles via Facebook

Jess Spalla of Pawsitive Pet Care in Waterloo, Iowa, helps her patient CJ get a better view of the squirrels at the feeding station outside.

Vet tech with macaw

Brittany Helveston

Feathered friends need some comfort, too. Dedicated veterinary technician Amanda Horton from Street Road Animal Hospital in Pennsylvania gives some love to a baby macaw before her first exam.

Vet tech cuddles with cat

Carmen DeSantis via Facebook‪

Carmen DeSantis, a technician at Mahopac Animal Hospital in New York, says a bittersweet goodbye to the hospital cat, General, after he found his forever home with a relative of one of the clinic's doctors.

Vet tech kisses dog in hallway

‪June Chamness via Facebook‪

Vet tech June Chamness gives Chloe a goodbye kiss. The dog was on her way home after a cystotomy at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center in Westville, Indiana.

Vet tech with pig

‪Holli Dawn Faulkner via Facebook‪

Some vet techs get the chance to give more unusual patients their care. Holli Dawn Faulkner hugs Camielle the pig at Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital in New Mexico. "I was born to do this!" she writes. "I love my animals, I love your animals, I love ALL animals."

Vet tech selfie with Husky

Devin Stetzer via Facebook

Nothing shows your love more than a selfie! Tech Devin Stetzer shared this pic she took with her patient Faylynn. "I love being a CVT because — why else?! I get to assist in every aspect of an animal's life! From birth to death, from illness to health, from homelessness to happiness!" she writes.

Vet tech snuggling stray kitten

‪Veterinary Health Center via Facebook‪

Sometimes it's quiet moments like these that are the most memorable. "Our very own, very dear Kara Hepworth is pictured here sharing a peaceful moment with a stray kitten rescued by a county resident in Saginaw, Michigan," wrote the Veterinary Health Center, when they shared this sweet photo.

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