9 Famous Animal Pitchmen

Sometimes big brands think outside the box when it comes to picking a face for their product. Sure, models and actors are great, but often companies turn to the animal kingdom to find the perfect fit. Whether it's a CGI lizard or a real-life lion, these brands' pitchmen speak to the animal lover in all of us.

Animal Pitchmen

MGM Lion

©MGM / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Leo, the MGM Lion

Since the Hollywood studio was formed back in the 1920s, they have counted on the king of the jungle to stand by their logo. Lovingly known as Leo, the current lion had no less than four other big cat predecessors. Leo has the shortest mane of all the other lions and can boast that his roar appears on the most films.

Aflac Duck

Courtesy of Aflac

Aflac Duck

It's hard to look at a white duck without hearing the familiar "Aflac" quack. Formerly voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried (who got the ax after he tweeted a distasteful joke following the 2011 tsunami in Japan), the company held a public contest to find the new voice of their famous duck. Enter Daniel McKeague, a sales manager who was hired later that year.

Morris the Cat

Courtesy of Del Monte Foods

Morris the Cat

This spokescat for 9Lives is known for being finicky about his food. But Morris has evolved over the years, and lent his voice to help educate pet owners about animal health, adoption and rescue. In fact, all three cats who have played Morris in commercials were rescued.

Geico Gecko
Geico Gecko

At the turn of the millennium, auto insurance brand Geico decided to play on the common mispronunciation of their name in a national ad campaign. Since then, it hardly seems like a commercial break goes by without the appearance of the CGI Geico Gecko, known for his tongue-in-cheek pitches and charming (if hard to place) accent.

Chick-fil-A Cows


Chick-Fil-A Cows

This fast food eatery known for their chicken sandwiches went to the farm for their mascot. Though the cows they chose have horrible spelling, the "Eat Mor Chikin" billboards exposed the brand to millions of people.

Smokey the Bear

Courtesy of the Ad Council

Smokey the Bear

Since 1944, Smokey the Bear has been performing his eco-friendly duty to help save our trees. His slogan, "Only you can prevent forest fires," has since become iconic, as has Smokey himself, through advertisements and merchandising like stuffed animals.

Tony the Tiger

© 2013 Kellog North America Company

Tony the Tiger®

Without Tony, how would we know that Frosted Flakes are "grrrreat"? Tony has received a few makeovers since his first appearance in 1951, but he's still going strong as the spokesanimal for this popular Kellogg's breakfast cereal.

Chester Cheetah

© 2010 Frito-Lay North America, Inc., All Rights Reserved

Chester Cheetah

In 1986, Chester, an animated cheetah, started to appear in commercials for Cheetos. He has since been reconceived as a CGI character and, in recent ads geared toward adults, a furry puppet.

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Polar Bears

The Coca-Cola polar bear commercials, often featured during the winter months and the Super Bowl, feature the adorable CGI creatures. The beverage company has also paired with the World Wildlife Fund to raise money to protect the Arctic environment that polar bears call home.

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