9 Fashion Logos Show That Animals Are Always in Style

Animal prints have long been a big part of the fashion world, but many labels rely on our pals from the animal kingdom to be a brand symbol. Take a look at how nine designer brands, from Lacoste to Puma, use animals to rep their threads.

Animal Logos: Fashion

Swarovski Swan
Swarovski Swan

Swarovski products are delicate and graceful; however, they lack the feathers of the real-life counterpart of their swan mascot. Or is it the real-life counterpart that lacks the sparkle of Swarovski products?

Lacoste alligator

Melanie Kramer, Vetstreet

Lacoste Crocodile

For 80 years, the Lacoste brand has been keeping preppy tennis lovers well-dressed. The famous insignia was donned by company founder Rene Lacoste as he took to the tennis courts back in the 1930s. Folks were soon clamoring to get their hands on the reptilian trend.

Puma Soccer Shoes



Athletes worldwide are familiar with this big cat brand, founded by two German brothers. When the brothers had a falling-out, they split their company, one keeping the name Puma and the other starting the animal-less Adidas brand.

Ralph Lauren Polo Horse Logo
Ralph Lauren Polo Horse

Another preppy staple, Ralph Lauren's logo incorporates the competitive spirit of polo with the shirt of the same name.

American Eagle logo
American Eagle

Is there anything more all-American than an eagle? Perhaps that's why this mall-friendly brand chose to go with the patriotic bird as a logo.

Vineyard Vines Whale
Vineyard Vines Whale

From swordfish to elephants, the folks at Vineyard Vines make accessories featuring plenty of animals. But nothing could embody the brand's New England flair more than the happy little whale that smiles at its customers.

Baby Phat logo


Baby Phat Cat

The women's spinoff of Phat Farm founded by Kimora Lee Simmons makes trendy urban fashion accessible to the masses. The purr-fect emblem for the clothes? A sassy Siamese cat. 

Abercrombie Moose
Abercrombie & Fitch Moose

Contrary to popular belief, shirtless models are not the mascot of the brand that has brought the outdoorsy look to teens across suburbia. Their actual mascot? A moose.

Dooney and Burke Logo
Dooney & Bourke Duck

While many current Dooney & Bourke handbags feature the signature D&B monogram, longtime fans know full well that the company is represented by a duck. Have no fear — the duck is still incorporated into their goods to this day.

It's not just the fashion labels that see the value in animal logos. Car companies are in on it, too.

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