Amazing and Lavish Ways Pets Are Pampered

dog on indoor playground at hotel
D Pet Hotels
Specially equipped play areas are a fun feature at many pet hotels and clubs. 

Spas for Pets

Private hot spots like New York City’s Fetch Club are also an option for those who want to drop their pets off for luxurious days and nights of exercise and pampering on a regular schedule.Offerings include a day club with lounge time and guided walking tours at $45 a day; a private night club (for socializing until midnight); a hotel with stays in the community penthouse or private suites complete with toys, room service, movie screenings, and Jax & Bones beds at $75 per night; spa treatments like aromatherapy massage (starting at $90) with add-ons like a blueberry facial ($40); and obedience education and fitness offerings, including weight training. Annual membership is $300, which includes discounts, exclusives such as VIP admission to the night club, and guaranteed space during holidays and busy times.

Pets Like Vacations, Too

If a pampered pet needs an escape from napping, eating and playing at home, the exclusive experiential website offers a two-week animal escape in Bristol, England, including everything from surfing to Reiki treatments. There’s even a session with a famed “dog-listener,” so your furry friend can work out his issues. All this can be had for just under $74,000.

On the Road and in the Air

Affluent people who want to travel with pets but who are worried about their animal’s safety on commercial aircraft often turn to private jets. Butthe lavishness doesn’t end there: You can hire pet-specific flight attendants and in-flight sitters. “This is, hands down, the most extravagant lifestyle option I’ve seen that can be used regularly,” Carter says. “People hire trained flight attendants to do nothing but take care of ‘pawsengers’ on board private planes.”

Sit’n Stay Global even offers something it calls FURst Class service in the air. Flight attendants are trained in flight and animal safety, and some even study at The Corporate School of Etiquette in Long Beach, California. The company also offers pet nannies once clients have arrived at their destinations. Sit ’n Stay Global provides the specially trained flight crews beginning at $500 a day. The private jet is extra.

dog eating at dining table
At the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the Fido-Friendly package includes special canine cuisine options, luxury beds and more.

Jewelry, Clothing and More

Of course, a pet can hardly participate in such high-end experiences without the right wardrobe, which can range from couture clothing to jeweled collars.

Designer offerings for pooches are extensive, including lines from the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Goyard. Carter notes that Ralph Lauren recently offered an $18,000 dog carrier, and Weizhi featured a $30,000 dog collar.

But I Love Dogs Diamonds has made even more extravagant pet accessories, including a 52-carat diamond, white gold and crocodile leather necklace/collar—yours for only $3.2 million.

Four-Star Meals

After flying the friendly skies, a precious pet can hardly be expected to eat common dog food. Fortunately, canine-specific room service menus are available at places such as the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria where, with the special Fido-Friendly package, pets’ meals are served on china with crisp white linens anda personal concierge can help assist with grooming and pet spa appointments, dog shopping, and the other pressing needs of a globe trotting pet.

But why be stuck eating in the room when there are restaurants that cater to canines? Carter recommends Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery in Edmonds, Washington. There, four-course meals are served on gold platters, and pets can enjoy special drinks and treats. Over the holidays, the restaurant even offered photos with Santa.In Miami, Doggie Bag Cafe has a menu geared toward pups, hosts dog parties and offers booster seats for smaller patrons.

It is, after all, a dog's life.


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