Behind the Scenes at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Before any canine contenders can strut through the show ring at Madison Square Garden, they have to prep and perform at the Piers.

This is the first year that any part of the Westminster Dog Show has taken place outside the Garden, and in addition to the adorable show dogs, we're loving the venue's Hudson River views.

Check out our gallery to see some great moments — both funny and sweet — that you won't catch on TV.

Our Favorite Westminster Moments

Great Dane and handler

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Handler Sophia Rogers looks up at her towering Great Dane, Joy.

Pink Suit in Ring

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Irish Terriers compete early on Tuesday morning in Ring 1 at the Piers.

Russell Terrier and Norwich Terrier at Westminster

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

With monikers like Chaos and Turbo, do you think these two terriers live up to their names?


Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

WuzzyBear the Sussex Spaniel wears a head wrap around his ears as he prepares to enter the show ring. The dog's father was named Fuzzy, so they called his pup WuzzyBear. Get it? "Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a bear."

Mastiffs in the ring

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

A group of Mastiffs take to the ring for Best in Breed judging at Pier 94.

Goldens at Ring

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Golden Retrievers prepare to enter the ring at Pier 94. They are the most represented breed at Westminster this year, with 61 Goldens competing.

Komondor at Westminster

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

After winning Best in Breed, how does a dog prepare for the big show at Madison Square Garden? Well, Cole the Komondor plans to relax, take a nap and watch some of his other canine friends compete.

Paw Print Tattoo

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Jaime Scott, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog handler from Pennsylvania, shows off her paw print tattoos.

Lakeland Terrier at Westminster

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Yaaawn. We can't tell if Spot the Lakeland Terrier finds bath time boring or really relaxing.

Spaniel Nose

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Can you guess this dog's breed? Here's a hint: He's a setter who's prized for his exceptional nose and good memory.

Olivia the Shih Tzu

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Olivia the Shih Tzu gets her prep work done in the benching area at Pier 92. She traveled to New York City all the way from Oakland, Calif.

Chinese Crested at the Westminster Dog Show

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Whitney the Chinese Crested warms up before going in the ring — though she seems more comfortable on two legs than on four.

Quixote the Chow Chow

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Quixote the Chow Chow won his breed at Westminster 2010. Sadly, he didn't have the same success this year.

Boston Terrier at Westminster Dog Show

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

After a long day of breed judging at the Piers, Red Wine Spritzer, a Boston Terrier, scans the crowd for his owner.

Ray and Puck

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Nineteen-month-old Ray Wood laughs at an Icelandic Sheepdog named Puck. Ray and his 4-year-old sister, Marlow, came to Westminster to play with the dogs.

Smiling American Eskimo

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

We know Westminster is serious business, but Journey the American Eskimo Dog always has time for a little clownin' around.

Sara the Corgi

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Ever wonder what a Corgi's eye view looks like? Little Sara here will show you!

Chinese Crested at Westminster Dog Show

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

A Chinese Crested strikes a pose in the show ring during the breed judging at the Piers.

Toy Poodle at the Westminster Dog Show

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Now this is the life: With her Best in Variety ribbon by her side, Angel the Toy Poodle takes a well-deserved nap.

Norwegian Buhunds Sleeping

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Norwegian Buhunds Cash (left) and Pink sleep in their handlers' laps after winning Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex, respectively.


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