Can I Teach My Dog to Stop Chasing the Cat?

Dr. Yin recommends that owners also teach “leave it” and a down stay with the cat as the distraction. Leave it should only be added to your dog’s training after he is able to stay focused on you with the cat around. “Otherwise,” says Dr. Yin, “a dog standing stationary with a moving cat will have a difficult time staying focused.” When your dog remains calm around the cat, even when she is moving, he can also be rewarded for a relaxed down stay.

The dog should come to understand that the cat’s presence means treats and fun. “When the cat goes away, the treats and human-focused games taper off, making the cat a highly desired part of the environment,” says Dr. Yin.

Teaching your cat to touch a target will give you more control over her movement, which can help keep the cat’s behavior under control during a training session.“Training also helps the feline associate good things happening with having the dog around, building confidence and decreasing fear,” says Dr. Yin.

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