Corporate Logos With an Animal Edge

From the cats, dogs and birds we keep as pets to the stunning array of species apparent in nature, animals are all around us. But you don't have to own a pet of your own or take a walk in the woods to see animals on a daily basis. Check out which major corporations have integrated animals into their brands.

Corporate Logos

NBC Peacock Logo


NBC Peacock

NBC's featured feathered mascot was originally brought on to the brand to advertise a new era of television — color. Over 55 years old, the peacock is not only in ads; it has also been merchandised by the network into tons of products, including stuffed animals.

World Wildlife Fund Panda

Kim Kaminski, Alamy

World Wildlife Fund Panda

Founded in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund has worked to help endangered animals around the globe. Very little has changed since their earliest days, with the same panda serving as part of their branding. The organization continues to help all kinds of animals, from polar bears to porpoises.

Twitter Bird Logo


Twitter Bird

Who would have thought that humans would use "tweeting" to communicate? The folks at Twitter made it so when their social network of 140-character quips was created in 2006. Now tweeting isn't only for the birds.

Merril Lynch Bull

Steven Widoff, Alamy

Merrill Lynch Bull

The noted investment firm Merrill Lynch has been in business since 1914, but the bull mascot is a more recent part of the company's history. After a big rebranding in 1974, the company introduced the bull into its logo. (It should be noted that the bull statue in downtown Manhattan has no affiliation with the company.)

Playboy Bunny Logo

Carolyn Jenkins, Alamy

Playboy Bunny

Thanks to a man called Hef, bunnies have been in style for decades. Sure, the bunnies in Hugh Hefner's business aren't actual rabbits, but the fluffy animal is still a truly iconic logo.

Penguin Books

Jeffrey Blackler, Alamy

Penguin Group Penguin

The odds are good that you've read a book published by Penguin Group, an international company represented by the feathered bird that doesn't fly. Now that the publisher has merged with Random House, here’s hoping they don't decide the penguin is for the birds and send him packing. The little guy is cute!

Bacardi Bat Logo


Bacardi Bat

Founded in Cuba in the mid-19th century, Bacardi has been creating rum for generations. Their bat logo dates back to the early days of the company, when it was discovered that bats lived in the rafters of their distillery.

ING Lion Logo
ING Lion

On Wall Street, the stock market is often represented by two aggressive beasts: the aforementioned bull and the bear. But one big bank went for the king of all creatures when coming up with its corporate mascot. Enter the ING lion, which harkens back to the bank's Dutch roots; the creature is a prominent symbol in the Netherlands.

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