Costumed Pets Who Are Ready for Halloween

We love Halloween. So, to help celebrate the spook-tacular holiday, we asked our readers and our Vetstreet team to share pictures of their costumed pets. The results were adorable — check out photos of a pirate, Batdog, Yoda and more in the gallery below.

If you're feeling inspired to dress up your own dog or cat, remember that not all pets are willing to wear a costume. If your cat or dog is agreeable, be sure to choose a costume that fits properly and is the right type of outfit for your pet. Pets should only wear costumes under supervision, and if there's the potential for any discomfort — such as costumes that cover the ears — capture your photo, then remove the costume, so your pet can celebrate in comfort, too.

Our Favorite Pets in Costume

Chocolate lab dressed as pirate

Amy Ayres

Argh! Grizzly, a 14-year-old chocolate Lab, is ready to greet trick-or-treaters at the door.

Dog dressed as Superman

Melanie Kramer

Cosmo the Super Dog is ready for some trick-or-treating!

Pomeranian dressed as peacock

Laura Cross

Bea the Pomeranian doesn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, but she thinks she’s the most beautiful peacock the world has ever seen.

Cat and a cowboy hat

Charlotte Harriett

Mary isn't very enthusiastic about her cowboy hat.

Shiba Inu dressed as Yoda

Meredith Hooker Williams

Do. Or do not. There is no try. Mandy, a Shiba Inu mix, is committed to being Yoda.

Dog dressed as bat

We’re just batty for Scarge the bat.

Dog dressed as Batman

GusGus channels Batdog. We bet he’s a watchful protector.

Pug dressed as bat

Susan Segrest

Lulu the Batpug is dressed up in her batty best.

Cat dressed as cowgirl

Alison Natali

Don't worry when this little cowpoke rolls into your town. Lana may rope and wrangle anything that gets in her way, but her owner Alison Natali says you'll never meet a sweeter cowgirl who will snuggle up to sleep with you every night. Just don't take her place on the bed!

Cocker Spaniel dressed as monkey

Melissa Serrano

Cashmere, a Cocker Spaniel, passed away at age 15 this past summer, but he'll always be Melissa Serrano's little monkey.

American Pit Bull Terrier dressed as a bucking bronco

Melissa Serrano

Naya, an American Pit Bull Terrier, is a little bucking bronco. She even won best in show at a Halloween event that raised both needed funds for a shelter and positive awareness for Pit Bulls.

Pit bulls dressed as dinosaurs

Andrea Serio

No need to travel back in time. These friendly herbivores, Mia, a triceratops, and Baby, a stegosaurus, are the most well-trained dinosaur-Pit Bulls around. Do you think the real dinosaurs would have rolled over for a treat?

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