Dog Taking Over Your Bed? Training Can Help You Both Sleep Soundly

Zoned for Pets

Having your pet’s sleeping area located at the foot of your bed may be most conducive for deep sleep. But if your pet has taken on the job of cuddle buddy or if he is more dependent on you and needs close physical proximity, you can move his sleeping area closer to the head of the bed, where he can easily receive the valued reinforcement of petting and close contact for staying in his designated sleeping zone. No matter where you let your pooch snooze, it is important to be consistent about where your dog can lounge; he needs to understand that he is allowed to sleep in your bed only as long as he stays in his own clearly marked zone, wherever that may be.

With a clearly marked and heavily rewarded pet sleeping zone, you can safely and comfortably share the sheets with your pet — and get a good night's sleep.


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