Fishing Cat Kitten Practices His Trade

The National Zoo’s fishing cat kitten, Wasabi, has a spicy personality to fit his name.

Last month, the then 6-week-old baby got his first fishing lesson from his mom, Electra, in a kiddie pool. The pool was stocked with fish, and Electra patiently got her little one’s attention and showed him how to pounce on his prey. She even left a few in there for him to give it a try.

Then, the little guy gave it a shot with “great enthusiasm.”

A few days after this video, the animal care team determined the kitten was a male in his first veterinary exam.They’re expecting him to follow in Mom’s footsteps to be a great fisherman — but for now, “toys and Mom's tail are as enticing as fish,” the zoo says in this video post.

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