Global Pet 2015: Most Outrageous New Pet Products

Every year at Global Pet Expo, we find a handful of innovative new products that make us wonder, how did they think of that? After walking the floor of the largest pet industry trade show in the world, we found nine products that truly fit the bill.

From a harness for walking your pet chicken to a plush dog toy with an audible heartbeat, here are some of the most unusual new products we discovered at this year's show.

Most Outrageous New Pet Products

Valhoma Chicken Harness


Valhoma Corporation Chicken Harness

Ever thought about walking your pet chicken? Well, now you can. Two years ago, the owner of Valhoma Corporation put a chicken coop of free-ranging chickens on his property. One day, he put one in a harness, walked it around and saw how easy it was to manage his new pets. He sent the video to friends in the industry, who then demanded the harnesses, and the rest is history!

Will be available at leading retailers for $12.99 to $16.99.

Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Pet Products

Snuggle Puppy

This plush dog emits heat, breathes and has a heartbeat. The Snuggle Puppy is useful for soothing puppies or dogs who need help relaxing. Make sure you supervise your dog when he uses this toy, especially if he's a teething puppy, and always check to confirm the heating insert isn't too hot.

Available at for $9.99.

Orapup Dog Breath Brush
Orapup Dog Breath Brush

The Orabrush for people — which cleans tongues, the source of many bad breath germs — is now being used for dogs. The big brush can be covered with a pet-safe liquid, enticing pets to lick. The bristles help remove germs from the tongue, but are soft enough for your pet to want to lick. This is an interesting take on improving a pet’s oral health along with regular dental cleanings and teeth-brushing.

Available at for $19.99.

Zeus Bulldog Dog Toy


Zeus Bulldog Dog Toy

This ball is crazy, crazy fun! I can’t wait to see our dogs interact with this toy as it bounces, barks and moves erratically in a way that resembles real prey. As always, be sure to supervise your animal when he plays with this toy. You don't want him to chew up the batteries.

Available this summer at and retailers nationwide for $9.99.

Pet Acoustics Ultra Calmer Collar Device for Dogs

Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics Ultra Calmer Collar Device

This calming collar device from Pet Acoustics plays soothing tunes, which can help relax some dogs in situations in which they may be anxious or stressed. Just remember to always supervise your pet when he wears the collar to make sure he doesn't chew on the attachment.

Available for preorder at for $69.95.




Have you ever wanted a dog mannequin? Well here it is. The Doggequin is nice to display at home, but can also work at a veterinary clinic or pet store to showcase different pet products. We like these so much that my daughter hopes to get one for her home.

Available at for $124.99 to $479.99.

Punchline Pet Bowls

Bow and Arrow Pet

Punchline Pet Bowls

These bowls are a conversation starter for anyone coming to your home who shares both your sense of humor and your pet’s attitude. We like the clever lines like "Today's Special" and "This Tastes Like Dog Food." 

Available in April at online retailers and specialty stores starting at $14.99.

Celebrity Rainbow Dog Rap Toy

Celebrity Pet Toys Company

Rainbow Rapper Pet Toy

If your pooch enjoys novelty rap, then you should check out this musical toy. Be sure to supervise your pet during play to make sure he doesn't chew on any of the toy's contents.

Available at for $9.99.


Papercut Lab


You may think of Tetris when you see this attractive, modular cat-climbing furniture that can be put together in a variety of ways. Constructed from recycled newspaper, the shelving is so nicely made that it blends right into your home and has a design that invites cats to perch. The sides are also made of durable, scratching material to encourage appropriate pawing.

Available at for $49.95 per piece of Katris; $229.95 for a bundled set of five.

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