Help! My Dog Hates Riding in the Car. What Can I Do?

Road Trip Strategies

Once your dog is comfortable riding in the car, there are several ways to keep him calmer during a road trip.

Start with a walk. Exercise decreases stress and increases feel-good hormones to help your pet better tolerate the car trip. Time walks to happen 10 to 20 minutes before you load the car and hit the road.

Spray some calm in the car. A Dog Appeasing Pheremone car diffuser can help calm your pet with pheromones mimicking those a mother dog releases when nursing pups.

Play calming music. I recommend "Through a Dog’s Ear: Driving Edition," which is designed to keep you alert and help calm your dog.

Talk to your vet. If your dog suffers from motion sickness or extreme anxiety, veterinary assistance is essential. Talk with your veterinarian about possible options, including medication.