How Can I Get My Cat to Stop Waking Me Up?

Offer Her Some Breakfast

Cats often have shorter sleep cycles than humans, so they often rise earlier than their human counterparts. The use of blackout blinds can help block the early morning sun, which in some cases can help your cat to sleep later in the morning. Another reason cats wake early and promptly attempt to wake their humans up in order to secure their morning meal. Having a loaded food puzzle toy next to your bed can be a solution for keeping your cat busy and getting her fed without needing to get out of bed yourself. However, if the sound of your cat playing with a food puzzle is too noisy, you can invest in a timed feeder that dispenses measured amounts of food at preprogrammed hours and can be set ahead to the time when your cat regularly arises.

Ignore Her

Felines wake up their humans in the early morning because it works to get attention, food and even play. If you want to break the cycle of your feline waking you every morning, the most effective solution is to ignore her. Keep in mind that even a frustrated yell or pushing your cat off the bed is considered attention. When your cat realizes she never gets any attention for her behavior, she will likely discontinue the behavior because it serves no purpose. It’s important to note that when you first begin ignoring a behavior that worked in the past, it often gets more intense before it will get better in what is called an extinction burst: The animal tries the previously rewarded behavior with increased vigor when it is suddenly ignored. By consistently ignoring your cat's early morning antics and having all family members on the same page, it’s very likely that your cat will either devise her own entertainment or simply settle in to sleep longer with you.

By combining daytime exercise and food puzzles, redirecting your early waking cat to food, or simply ignoring your cat’s wakeup tactics, your feline should become a later morning riser.


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