How Can I Teach My Cat to Love Her Cat Tree?

Move playtime up off the ground. Build your cat’s positive association with the cat tree right away by situating her play around and on the structure. Feather toys, ropes and other toys that can be used to get your cat’s paws moving as she interacts with you can be used to entice your cat to explore and climb the structure. Nemo's cat tree has a sturdy scratching post with feather toys on the top of it to encourage play and entice Nemo to spend more time on the tree and less time on my desk.

Pique her interest. Food, treats and catnip can make the cat tree more interesting to your cat. A trail of tasty treats on the climbing area encourages your cat to climb to the top, while a highly palatable reward that takes longer to eat, such as a bowl of canned cat food or tuna, gets her comfortable spending more time on the structure. Placing treats, catnip or desirable toys on the cat tree randomly throughout the day can also get your cat interested in exploring the climber.

Help your cat get comfy. Make the cat structure inviting for rest by putting cushy or soft bedding on certain areas where your cat likes to rest, which will encourage her to settle in for a nap. Make sure the cat tree has been securely built, as wobbly structures can feel unsafe and cats may be less likely to use them.

By rewarding your cat while she’s on or around the structure and by making the structure itself inviting, you increase the chances that the climbing area will become her favorite resting and high vantage point in your home. Happy climbing!


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