Least Trendy Dog Names of 2014

What’s in a name? Would a dog by any other name smell of such sweet puppy breath? We tend to think so, because we know plenty of pups with the least trendy names around, and they’re still pretty darn adorable.

We’ve already shared the year’s most popular and the trendiest puppy names of the year, and now we’re looking at which names in our database of nearly a million puppy monikers have fallen the farthest in the last 10 years.

To see which names made this list in the past, check out the least trendy names of 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Least Trendy Dog Names of 2014

Husky Puppies


No. 10: Trixie and Peanut

Trixie was the No. 49 most popular female dog name back in 2005, but it has since dropped to No. 82. Peanut, which ranked as the 35th most popular name in 2005, currently sits at No. 77, with a big drop of 11 spots over the past year.

Lab Puppy


No. 9: Lucky and Rudy

Starting at No. 66 a decade ago, Lucky dropped out of the Top 100 in 2010. Rudy, the No. 57 most popular male dog name in 2005, joined Lucky by falling off the chart in 2012.

Beagle Puppy


No. 8: Heidi and Chico

Heidi, the No. 57 most popular dog name 10 years ago, has fallen all the way to No. 92. Chico was quite popular in 2005, ranking No. 25, but it has fallen to No. 69, dropping nine spots over the past year.

Frenchie Puppy


No 7: Sissy and Joey

The No. 65 name in 2005, Sissy fell out of the Top 100 for first time this year. Joey was No. 56 a decade ago and also dropped from the rankings for the first time this year.

Golden Puppy and Mother


No. 6: Sandy and Sparky

Sandy ranked No. 41 a decade ago, but since then has dropped to No. 80, although we have to wonder if the remake of Annie will make it more popular next year. Sparky, No. 45 in 2005, now comes in near the back of the pack, at No. 91.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy


No. 5: Tinkerbell and Rusty

Tinkerbell, which fell out of the Top 100 in 2012, came in at No. 61 10 years ago. Rusty was No. 22 in 2005 and has fallen to No. 68.

Trio of Puppies


No. 4: Misty and Sam

Misty was just ahead of Tink in 2005, ranking No. 60. It, too, fell out of the Top 100 in 2012. The No. 27 most popular male dog name in 2005, Sammy is now No. 81. It’s worth noting that Sam has also been steadily falling in popularity, although not as fast as Sammy. Sam was No. 14 a decade ago and is now No. 46.

Puppy in Grass


No. 3: Brandy and Spike

Brandy, the No. 55 name in 2005, dropped from the rankings in 2011. Spike came in at No. 41 10 years ago and now barely makes the Top 100 at No. 98. Spike fell 10 spots since just last year.

 Puppy in Snow


No. 2: Holly and Bailey

Holly claimed the No. 48 spot 10 years ago, but it fell out of the Top 100 back in 2012. Bailey, which was highly popular in 2005, at No. 13, has fallen in popularity every year since then and currently sits at No. 75 after a seven-spot drop last year.

Newfoundland Puppy


No 1: Katie and Scooter

The least trendy female dog name of the year is Katie, which was the No. 40 most popular name in 2005 and nearly fell off the list this year, dropping 57 places over the past decade, to land at No. 97. Scooter, the least trendy male dog name this year, was the 34th most popular male dog name a decade ago and fell out of the rankings entirely in 2013.

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