Making Safe and Effective Pet Toys At Home

Tennis Ball Buddy

Supplies: Tennis ball; strips of sturdy cloth from a kitchen towel, bath towel or blue jeans long enough to make nice tassels at both ends of the ball

Tools: Knife or box cutter, large crochet hook or screwdriver

1. Poke a hole in both ends of the tennis ball (I use a box cutter, but you can use a sharp kitchen knife — pointed down and away from you, please).

2. Thread strips of cloth through both holes in the ball with a metal crochet hook (my choice). Alternately, you can push the fabric through with a screwdriver.

3. Make a knot at both ends of the ball with the strips of fabric so they stay put.

Homemade ball toy

Note: Want to make it extra enticing? Push a few jerky-style treats into the tennis ball before threading the fabric through.

Variation: You can also cover the ball with a sturdy material with tassels sliced into the ends. Here’s what I did with a softball and a denim pant leg.

Homemade ball toy

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Video: Tennis Ball Buddy


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