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Put a Sock in It!

Yes, this trick works. For a while, anyway. Then she’s on to the next toy.

Homemade sock toy
Dr. Patty Khuly

Water Bottle Sock Puppet

Supplies: Orphan sock, used plastic bottle (no cap!), smelly treats

Tools: Scissors (optional)

1. Cram treats into water bottle.

2. Place water bottle with treats inside sock.

3. Make a very sturdy knot at cap end (using the scissors if need be to cut strips for a tighter knot).

Homemade sock toy

Note: Once the sock gets slobbery, the bottle loses its crinkle and the treats get as stale as the last couple of seasons of Friends, you can always swap them out for fresher recyclable fare.

Variation: As with the tennis ball, you can wrap a larger bottle stuffed with smelly treats (I used dried Icelandic catfish skins!) in a denim pant leg. That one went over really well, too.

Homemade toy

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Video: Water Bottle Sock Puppet


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