Making Safe and Effective Pet Toys At Home

And saving the best for last…

Go Fish!

Since it’s interactive, this turns out to be the best darn toy for an energetic dog — ever. Violet especially loves chasing this thing along the ground so that by the time 20 minutes is up she’s totally pooped.

I know it looks complicated, but don’t fret: It’s way easier than it looks. All it takes is one trip to the home supply store, a few slices with the scissors and a series of simple square knots.

Homemade sock toy
Dr. Patty Khuly

Wolf Stick

Supplies: 2 to 4 feet of PVC pipe, 8 to 10 feet of sturdy rope, carabiner, 1 yard of heavy-duty burlap

Tools: Scissors

1. Thread the rope through the PVC pipe and knot on both ends, leaving 12 to 18 inches on one of the two ends.

2. Loop the short end (12 to 18 inches) so it makes a nice hand strap.

3. Attach the carabiner to the other end of the rope.

4. Make burlap tassel toy by cutting the burlap and braiding it into strips.

5. Attach the tassel toy to the carabiner and… go fish!

Note: The best part about this toy is that it has endless variations built in. Because you can switch out the toy on the end, it’s endlessly amusing. Anything with tassels seems to work best for this lure-like approach to play.

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Video: Wolf Stick

It’s Your Turn!

I’ve made plenty of other toys over the years (stuffed animals robbed of their eyes and stuffing and sewn back up, old towels knitted up into a big ball, etc.), so I know you have some creative toy stories to share.


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