Our Favorite Funny Bunnies on Instagram

We love rabbits. They’re soft and adorable, plus there’s just something about their little tails that makes us say “aww.” They can also be chock full of personality and can make great pets. Really, what’s not to adore? Check out some of our favorite bunnies on Instagram mugging for the camera, hanging out with the Avengers and taking selfies.

Adorable Bunnies on Instagram

Alfie and Biscuit Instagram bunnies
Alfie and Biscuit

Mini Lops Alfie and Biscuit look quite dapper in their formal attire. We're feeling a little underdressed. 

Bunny lying on bag

Oh, sorry, did you need this bag? It’s Myron’s now.

Rabbit looking at food
Miss Lou Lou

Hey, what's for dinner? Miss Lou Lou checks out the very interesting pellet situation.

Bunny looks at Avengers characters

Avengers assemble! It looks like Darwin wants to be a superhero, too.

Rabbit with food

How cute is Bookie, with his sweet face and long, floppy ears? He's so good-looking, he could model!

Bunny with stuffed Corgi

It looks like Oli and his stuffed Corgi friend are the best of pals!

Two bunnies taking a selfie
Ellie and Wally

Sure, Ellie and Wally are happy to play with you. But first, they need to take a selfie.

Rabbit with some bowls of food

Emma is ready to feast on some hay. Looks like she's got a big appetite!

Two bunnies play
Mochi and Denmark

How adorable are Mochi and Denmark mugging for the camera? Say cheese!

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