Readers Tell Us What They Love Most About Their Pets

National Love Your Pet Day is February 20 and to celebrate we asked you to tell us about your pets. We were overwhelmed with responses. We know you all love your pets, but we were so excited to see exactly how much!

Here are a few of our favorite submissions. Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Give your favorite furry friend a little extra love today — and every day!

Celebrate Love Your Pet Day


Amber Knight via Facebook

"I love my little fur ball! I have a blonde, spunky Yorkipoo named Tink. She's about 6 or 7 years old now, but you couldn't tell. She's a little ball of energy that loves to lick people! She brings joy to my life every single day. (She woke up from a nap in this photo. Too cute!)" — Amber Knight 

black cat

Jan Bjorklund Conrady-Fountain via Facebook

"What is there not to love?! He is the best boy in the world! Unconditional love!" — Jan Bjorklund Conrady-Fountain

cat laying down

Carol Tarbay Sabetti via Facebook

"Lucy [is] 2 years [old]. She is in her favorite evening spot, on my lap, while I am watching TV. Her brother, Desi, chooses to sleep in the rocking chair. His loss." — Carol Tarbay Sabetti

cat laying on tree trunk

Debra Chatham via Facebook

"I love all my kitties, but Dewey is a special kind of nut. He thoroughly and frequently tests the limits of the good nature and sense of humor of his housemates. He's lucky we're strong on those traits." — Debra Chatham

alaskan malamute puppy laying in grass

Robert Cramer via Facebook

"This is Nakita, and she is a 4-month-old Alaskan Malamute. She is the most loving, sweet dog with a fiery personality that I have ever been honored to rescue." — Robert Cramer

cat in container

Renee Sineath via Facebook

"This is my senior furbaby, Olive. Here she is just sitting in a flower pot full of dirt, getting ready for the sunset. She greets me every time I come home and is always happy to see me and ready to talk and tell [me] about her day. When I pet her, I can see the love in her eyes. She is a funny girl and makes me smile all the time. I love her and our home wouldn't be complete without her." — Renee Sineath

dog on leash

Autumn Stepanski via Facebook

"I love that he's a happy goofball who makes me smile every day." — Autumn Stepanski

two cats laying in the yard

Tammy Donohue via Facebook

"Spooky & Spunky! The love and companionship they bring to our home." — Tammy Donohue

bunny laying on bed

Rhianna Lynch via Facebook

"My bunny, Luffy, is very stoic and fancy, but every now and then, he will have these moments where he just turns into a big baby who needs the pets and cuddles." — Rhianna Lynch

cat on sofa

Ariel Green via Facebook

"My handsome Hamilton loves to snuggle and always makes me laugh!" — Ariel Green

dog in the woods

Cindy Dean via Facebook

"Trooper is 10 months old today. He is so smart, loving and just plain fun. He loves being silly." — Cindy Dean

dog outside

Margarita Rojas via Facebook

"This fella right here [is] precious and he [is] the most lovable thing." — Margarita Rojas 

two cats on table

Christine Hunter via Facebook

"[These] kitties are so lovable and sweet! All they want to do is cuddle and play. They make me so happy!" — Christine Hunter

two dogs on a deck

Sheila Cane Gurbek via Facebook

"My lifetime companions. Both were rescue dogs. Mr. Haydut (Shep/lab mix) was rescued from a place giving him away for free. He was only seven weeks old then and in bad health. Look at his beauty now, at six years old! Mr. Prince (Yorkie mix) was a rescue from a co-worker who, after five years of having him, decided they didn't want him anymore, and wanted a puppy instead. He doesn't have to worry about being homeless now, though! Look at his beautiful smile at seven years old! I love my best friends!!!!" — Sheila Cane Gurbek

woman kissing a dog

Brandee Vezer via Facebook

"This is the love of my life. She's been by my side for 14 years. I love her rambunctious attitude toward life in her old age. Nothing slows her down! If there's a soul mate in the world for me, it's her." — Brandee Vezer

cat wrapped in blanket

Barbara Makransky via Facebook

"This is Sunny. I love that she is a snuggle bunny!" — Barbara Makransky

dog in blue bandana

Chelsea Leahy via Facebook

"I have two cats who make our house a home, but it is ridiculous how much I love this dog. He is my pet, my child and my best friend all rolled into one. He loves romaine lettuce and pulls damp towels off of my head to roll in. He is a wonderful little weirdo. It took me a long time to convince my husband to get a dog, but now we want to clone him." — Chelsea Leahy

little dog with stuffed toy

Kathy Ianniello Caruso via Facebook

"I love [my] little seven pound rescue. Natasha always likes the biggest toy!" — Kathy Ianniello Caruso

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