Should You Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet?

Once your cat has mastered climbing on the toilet and using the red litter tray, it’s time to move to the amber tray. This tray has a small hole in the middle surrounded by a recess that can be filled with three to four cups of litter. Your cat will place her front paws on the toilet seat and her back paws in the tray to position herself to eliminate where the hole is. Eventually, your cat will learn to balance entirely on the edge of the toilet seat, with her back paws close to her front paws — but this is a skill that must be mastered.

Eliminating the Litter

Once your cat is comfortably going over the hole (this typically takes at least a couple of weeks), you’re ready for the green stage. The green tray has a large hole with a narrow recess into which you scatter only half a cup of litter. Gradually decrease the amount of litter in the tray, as your cat continues to successfully use the toilet. Once the cat is reliably using the green tray without any litter in it, you can remove the Litter Kwitter system so there’s only a toilet seat left. At this point, celebrate! Your feline is officially potty trained and you have bragging rights galore. Just be ready to wait your turn when the kitty gets to the bathroom first.

Ensure that the bathroom door always stays open so your cat can easily access the potty whenever needed. If your cat eliminates outside the Litter Kwitter system, never punish her; this will just make her anxious. Instead, reward your feline for proper elimination with a treat or praise. If needed, go back to an easier step such as the red stage — cats rarely learn new skills in a straight line, so going backward and forward during the training is perfectly natural.


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