Teach Your Dog to Drink Out of a Water Bottle


Teaching your dog to drink out of a water bottle is a cute and memorable party trick. But beyond that, there are practical reasons to teach your pup to drink out of a bottle. It’s a perfect solution for hikes, trips to the dog park, neighborhood walks and days at the beach — any place a water bowl would be hard to manage. Although areas heavily frequented by dogs may have water bowls outside, there is some risk involved with your pooch sharing water with other dogs, so having your pet’s personal water source directly from the bottle is added protection against communicable diseases.

Some dogs take to drinking out of a water bottle naturally, while others may need encouragement, largely because drinking out of a water bottle changes the way a dog naturally drinks. Here’s how to train your dog to drink from a water bottle.

Using an Adaptor

The easiest way to teach your dog to drink out of a water bottle is by using a pet adaptor on a standard water bottle. Water flows out of the bottle only when the dog moves the ball in the middle of the adaptor by licking it. The flow can be adjusted specifically for your dog.