Tips to Help Your Cat Love Being in His Crate

Taking the Crate On the Road

Once your cat is comfortable with his crate, it’s time to practice leaving the house.

Carry with care. Hold the crate evenly and securely by gripping it from the bottom or around the sides, in the same way you would carry a box. Use the crate’s strap or handle as guidance and safety points, not as the main holding points. Jostling and tipping can exacerbate your cat’s anxiety, so keeping the crate steady as you move from one place to another is key.

Go for a spin — or just a sit. Start slowly: Sitting in a stationary car for a treat or petting session or going for a short drive (around the block) can help accustom your cat to road trips. Place the crate in the car's back seat and secure it with the seatbelt —this avoids the possibility of the crate sliding off the seats in the event of a quick stop or accident. A folded towel placed under the crate can help keep it level.

Make the car cozy. Placing a blanket, towel or cover over the carrier can help to buffer your cat’s exposure on trips.

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