Toys That Are Safe for Your Kitten

  • Kittens like small plush toys they can carry around like pretend prey, and larger stuffed toys of about their own size they can pretend to fight.
  • Remote-controlled battery mice are fun for both of you, but don't leave any devices with batteries in them where your cat could possibly get the battery out.
  • Kittens enjoy playing in paper bags, but be sure the bag is not where somebody could step on it not knowing a kitten was inside. Also, don't let your kitten play with plastic bags, as kittens tend to chew and swallow the plastic.
  • Balls and toys should not be small enough to be inhaled or swallowed. Ping pong or practice golf balls (the ones with holes in them) are a good size and weight for kittens. Place the balls in a captive area, such as in a bathtub, for maximum fun. Or put one in an empty tissue box so your kitten can fish for it.
  • Kittens under 6 months of age do not seem to notice catnip, so wait until your kitten is older to introduce that.
  • Your hand is not a toy! As enticing as it is to wiggle your fingers and have your kitten lunge for them, or to engage in a mock fight with your hand against your kitten, this is a bad practice that will have you looking like a victim of a cat attack as your cat grows. You won't think this game is much fun once your kitten's claws and teeth grow.

Whatever you use, play with your kitten. Playtime strengthens the bonds between you that will hopefully last a lifetime!

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