Why Does My Cat... Like to Bring Me Mice?

What Can I Do to Curb the Behavior?

Keep in mind that this tendency is natural in cats — it's not something that your kitty is doing wrong.

“If you don’t like it, ignore it. An owner should never punish a cat for bringing home a dead animal,” says Dr. Christensen Bell.

That said, she does have a few tips for dealing with a mouser:

Keep your kitty indoors.

Control pest problems within your home. This will diminish your cat's urge to test out her hunting skills on live prey, instead of enriching toys.

Train your cat to leave presents in a specific spot. If your feline does go outside, you can “teach the cat to ‘drop’ items on cue, and leave them outside,” suggests Dr. Christensen Bell. “Before the cat comes inside, offer a super-tasty treat [near] where you want the cat to drop the prey.”

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