Why Does My House Smell Like Cat Urine?

Get Back to the Box

What did I do to get my own cats back to using the litterbox?

  • I added a third litterbox in the bathroom on the bedroom floor since the other two boxes were three floors away in the basement.
  • I immediately started cleaning my boxes three times per day.

What happened? The cats started using the boxes again on a consistent basis for the most part. When did I have another problem? Almost always I found it occurred when our attention to the schedule of cleaning out the boxes was not optimal.Most cats will use the box when a decent substrate is in it, it's cleaned frequently, and there are enough boxes conveniently placed.

My own experience with my cats has caused me to look again at many aspects of litterbox management. In this article, we talked about “behavior” as a potential cause, although instead of pointing the finger at my cats, I examined my own. In future columns, we’ll take a fresh look at some of the other issues that could cause any kitty to decide that the rug makes a better toilet than his litterbox.


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