Pets Lying Belly Up

Did you read our recent article by Dr. Patty Khuly about dogs sleeping belly up? Based on your Facebook comments about that story, it sounds like many of your dogs (and cats!) are relaxed, easygoing pets who love snoozing on their backs. Your four-legged friends look so cute with their paws in the air we couldn't resist showing off some of our favorites.

Adorable Pets on Their Backs

Facebook via Elaine Beck


Sorry, this seat's taken. Murphy's catching a few winks on the sofa.

Facebook via Audrey Glenski

Cupkake and Sassy

Looks like Cupkake has no trouble catching zzz's belly up. Sassy looks just as cute belly down.

Baxter the cat

Facebook via Saba Hasan


Baxter is clearly a relaxed and adorable kitty.

Facebook via Corrine Doyle


She's wearing a lovely red sweater and has a fun green toy. Petunia, we're tickled pink by your belly-up photo.

Facebook via Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART)


Have you ever seen a cat in such peaceful slumber as Maggie?

Speedster the Dachshund

Facebook via Robert Keith Trinkle


This dapper Dachshund, Speedster, definitely knows lying with your paws in the air is the comfiest way to doze.

Milo the Tabby

Erica Plymel via Facebook


All together now: aww. What a precious belly-up kitten.

Facebook via Jeanne Taylor

What's this handsome pup dreaming about? Chasing squirrels? Going on a walk? We have no idea, but she sure looks snug on the couch.

Facebook via Elodia Piesz


Tiger confirms that sleeping belly up is not only comfy, it's practical. Tummies are a great place to keep toy mice while sleeping.

Facebook via Brenda Troup


We like to imagine that between catnaps, Schwartz keeps up with


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