Wacky Products That We Loved at Global Pet Expo 2012

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I sure wish that I had a teddy bear with a fishbowl for a belly that also functioned as a nightlight?" OK, maybe you've never pondered this, but sometimes you just don't know you need something until you've seen it. And we're seeing it all at Global Pet Expo 2012 — like these seven off-the-wall items.

Quirky and Clever Finds at Global Pet Expo 2012

Puppylocks Feather Fur Extension

Puppylocks Feather Fur Extension

Admit it: You spend a lot of time and money making sure your hair is fabulous, and the only thing missing from your overall look is an equally fabulous accessory for your pet. Since she's already rocking a chic fur coat, consider adding this doggie feather extension; $14.

Teddy Tank

Teddy Tank Fishbowl

It's a bear! It's a fishbowl! It's a nightlight! These critters even have voice recorders, so they can lull you to sleep; $49.99.

Brew Buddies

Brew Buddies Snacks

While you wouldn't give your dog a sip of your favorite Happy Hour pour, he can still partake in the celebration with a treat of his own. These malted barley dog treats are safe for pups — and they'll be hitting supermarket shelves soon. Just not in the beer aisle; $4.99 per pack.

Sasquatch Pet Bed

Sasquatch Pet Bed

Your feet love the feel of your garden clogs, and your dog loves to snuggle up beside said feet — so it makes perfect sense that your pet would dig curling up in a giant clog bed; from $69.95.

German Shepherd Dog Speaker

German Shepherd Dog Speaker

We love dogs and music, but we never thought to put them together — until now. This dog speaker is amazingly lifelike, and it produces a surprisingly high-quality sound. Think it's due to the woofer? A Golden Retriever version will hit the market next; $299.

Fishbowl Jewelry

Fish Bowl Fun Accessories

You've likely decked out the inside of your fish tank, but what about adding some rim appeal? Bling out your fishbowl with a band of jewels (available in six motifs) from Clementine Design; $7.50.


Pugz Dog Booties

Who says Uggs can only be worn by you and your favorite Hollywood starlets? Now your pup can sport a doggie version of the fab footwear; $19.99.

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