CERENIA for vomiting in dogs and cats

Vomiting is not fun for anyone—including your pet. The good news is that there is an FDA-approved veterinary medication developed specifically for dogs and cats that can help treat and prevent vomiting.













What is CERENIA?

CERENIA® (maropitant citrate) is the only FDA-approved medication to treat vomiting in dogs and cats and to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs.

It is a non-drowsy medication that comes in two formulations—an injection given by your veterinarian, or tablets that can be given at the hospital or at home.

Before undergoing surgery, many dogs vomit due to some pain1 medications. In a recent study, CERENIA was used before surgery to prevent vomiting due to morphine and to help more dogs return to normal feeding sooner.2

Why do dogs and cats vomit?

Dogs and cats vomit for a variety of reasons. These include eating garbage, motion sickness* or medical conditions such as diseases and parasitic infections. When vomiting occurs, signals are sent to the part of the brain called the emetic center. (Emisis is a medical term for vomiting.) These signals arrive via different “pathways” from the higher brain to the emetic center, or the “peripheral pathway,” a direct or an indirect connection from the gut, bloodstream, or balance center (called the “vestibular apparatus” – which triggers motion sickness). The “chemoreceptor trigger zone” or CRTZ is a part of the brain, gut, bloodstream or balance center—which triggers motion sickness.

CERENIA is the only FDA-approved veterinary medication that blocks signals sent to the emetic center from various causes.

Since its launch in 2007, over 20 million doses of CERENIA have been given to dogs and cats3 and it is the number one prescribed anti-vomiting medication among veterinarians.4



Use CERENIA Injectable for vomiting in cats 16 weeks and older, and acute vomiting in dogs 8 weeks and older. CERENIA Tablets are indicated for acute vomiting in dogs 8 weeks and older, and for prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs 16 weeks and older. Safe use has not been evaluated in cats and dogs with gastrointestinal obstruction, or those that have ingested toxins. Use with caution in cats and dogs with hepatic dysfunction. Pain/vocalization upon injection is a common side effect. In people, topical exposure may elicit localized allergic skin reactions, and repeated or prolonged exposure may lead to skin sensitization. See full Prescribing Information.

*CERENIA is indicated for preventing vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs (≥ 16 weeks) only.

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