You were distracted for just a second, and your smaller pet was nipped by your bigger pet. But your smaller pet is a trouper — she's fine, right? Maybe not. When it comes to little pets, like rodents and birds, bite or claw wounds inflicted by cats or dogs are always a potentially deadly situation, even if it doesn't seem so at first. Dogs and cats are able predators, and their jaws are quite capable not only of piercing the skin of smaller pets, but also of crushing internal organs and breaking bones. Even a little pet who seems to have escaped an attack with "only" a small bite or scratch can fall victim to infection — as can small pets with no visible signs of injury at all.

If your small pet is attacked by your cat or dog, attempt to control the bleeding, and contact your veterinarian. Your little pet may need to be treated for shock, infection or internal injuries, and very likely should be started on antibiotics as soon as possible.