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If you’ve browsed the cat food aisle lately, you may have noticed some more choices – as in, a lot more choices – on the shelves these days. It’s not your imagination. Even amid a global pandemic, the pet industry proved to be more robust than ever: A whopping 169 new dog and cat food products appeared in the pet food aisle in 2020 (1). 

That’s quite a bit of kibble to consider. So how do you know which products are worth serving to your feline friend? We recommend using the same standards you’d apply when food shopping for yourself: you want high-quality ingredients, nutritious recipes, and delicious flavors. Which brings us to one of our favorite cat foods on the market, Tiki Cat.

What Is Tiki Cat?

Tiki cat variety of cat food treats

Tiki Cat falls under the umbrella of Tiki Pets, a collection of cat and dog foods made from the most wholesome ingredients and guided by the latest science. Each recipe is carefully designed to keep kitties in optimal health at every life stage. 

Here’s what Tiki Cat brings to the table (or, ahem, bowl):

Protein, protein, and more protein. As obligate carnivores, cats need to eat animal-based diets. With that in mind, the first ingredient in Tiki Cat products is always a high-quality protein, such as Alaskan salmon, chicken, whole prawns, or ahi tuna. Tiki Cat wet foods offer up to 95 percent protein, while dry options contain 47 percent protein – meaning your little hunter’s natural nutritional needs are satisfied…deliciously. 

Superfood infusions. In addition to protein, nutrient-rich, non-GMO superfoods such as kale, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, and flaxseed provide extra vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. 

No fillers or funny business. Tiki Cat labels read like real recipes, with ingredients you can actually pronounce. That means no byproducts, artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, or cheap “filler” ingredients such as corn, white potatoes, or wheat.  

Healthy hydration. Cats aren’t big water drinkers, so some pets have a hard time staying hydrated while eating kibble (which, unlike prey, is extremely dry). For kitties who could use a boost of H2O, Tiki Cat’s wet foods contain extra moisture. 

Tempting tastes. Cats are known to be particular creatures, and some are downright picky. With more than 40 different textures and flavors, Tiki Cat has something for every palate. (This is especially helpful for cats who need additional calories, such as senior pets and those with certain medical conditions.)

Sustainable seafood. Tiki Cat wet diets are made in Thailand, which is the epicenter of the global fishing industry. Being on the front lines of the world’s premier seafood facilities means Tiki Cat can ensure the best products and highest standards. Tiki’s fisheries are members of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) and support initiatives to protect marine ecosystems and endangered species, including dolphins and sea turtles.  

Tiki Cat Food: Types and Recipes

Cat eating out of food bowl

When it comes to variety, Tiki Cat can’t be beaten. From kibble to wet food to raw diets, there’s a feast for every feline. Here’s what the brand offers:

Tiki Cat Wet Food

Tiki has an extensive menu of moisture-rich, protein-packed wet foods in a variety of textures and flavors. For mealtime, choose from options including After Dark (hearty patés and tender cuts enriched with nutrient-dense organ meats); Aloha Friends (easily digestible recipes with fiber-rich pumpkin); and Special (smooth, silky mousse formulas specially designed to help support three key functions: maintaining a healthy weight, promoting healthy skin and coat, and good digestion). 

Tiki Cat Dry Food

Tiki Cat’s Born Carnivore recipe is a high-protein, grain-free, low-carb kibble boasting above-average protein from poultry or fish. It’s also available in a kitten formula, which includes added vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for healthy growth.

Tiki Cat Raw Food

Tiki cat raw food

Raw food diets are appealing to pet parents who want their cats to enjoy a prey-like diet in its purest form. However, preparing raw cat food at home can be challenging and downright dangerous, with risks ranging from salmonella contamination to nutrient deficiencies. That’s where Tiki Cat Raw comes in. Safe and nutritionally balanced, these uncooked meals are made in the USA at a manufacturing plant specifically designed for the production of raw meat products.

Tiki Cat Treats

Treats can be great for training and bonding, but many traditional options are heavy on calories and light on nutrition. Available in both chewy and crunchy textures, Tiki Cat treats are high-protein, low-calorie, and grain-free. 

Tiki Cat Broth

Tiki Cat Savory Broth

For cats who need supplemental water in their diets, Tiki Cat Broths are a delicious, nutritious solution. Available in a smorgasbord of savory flavors (beef, chicken, chicken and duck, salmon, and tuna), these single-serve pouches are perfect for adding an extra splash of flavor to kibble or any meal.  

Tiki Cat Toppers

Maybe your cat needs a little extra – or maybe your cat is a little extra. Either way, Tiki Cat’s meal toppers are an easy way to make meals special. Choose from Complements (hydrating, high-protein toppers with limited ingredients), Stix (flavor-packed mousses); or Tummy Topper (digestion-friendly pumpkin and wheatgrass puree).

Tiki Cat: Things We Like

Kitten eating from a bowl
  • Quality of ingredients. There’s no debating the integrity of Tiki Cat ingredients. Each label reads like your own grocery shopping list, not a science experiment. 
  • Packed with protein. Every Tiki Cat recipe is developed with carnivores in mind. High-quality meat, poultry, or fish is always the first ingredient.
  • Tons of variety. No matter what life stage, health journey, or mood your feline friend is in, there’s a Tiki Cat product to fit their needs (and/or their whims – after all, we’re talking about cats here).

Things to Consider

  • Strong smell. Many reviewers mention that their cats go wild for even a whiff of Tiki Cat – but some human customers find the smell of certain formulas intense. 
  • Premium price. Due to the high-quality ingredients, Tiki Cat products have a higher price point than economy cat foods. 

Tiki Cat Food: Our Verdict

For pet parents who prioritize best-of-the-best ingredients, Tiki Cat is definitely worth a try. We love what their recipes include (premium proteins and non-GMO superfoods) as well as what they don’t (fillers, preservatives, and artificial additives). And of course, cats love their flavors. That’s what we call a win-win!