We all want to be able to provide the highest quality food for our pets so that they can live happy, healthy lives. With so many options in the dog food aisle — kibble, wet food, freeze-dried dog food, air-dried dog food, and dehydrated dog food — finding the best diet for your pup that won’t cost an arm and a paw can be overwhelming.

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Earth Animal prides itself on providing some of the healthiest dog food recipes, supplements, and treats on the market, including their famous all-natural No Hide Chews, an easily digestible rawhide alternative. 

But what has my pups’ tails wagging is Earth Animal’s newly launched recipe — Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food, a veterinarian-formulated, highly palatable, and nutrient-dense food that we put to the test. 

What is Earth Animal?

air-dried dog food from Wisdom

Earth Animal started over 40 years ago as a small family-run company headed up by holistic veterinarian Dr. Bob Goldstein and his wife, Susan. Their mission began in 1974 when their Golden Retriever, Leigh, suffered from hip dysplasia and debilitating arthritis. So the Goldsteins put their heads together and set out to find alternative treatments.

After extensive research, they started treating their dog with natural remedies, including supplements and organic juices, and soon Leigh began to walk and run! 

In 1979, Susan opened a natural health food store for dogs and cats right next door to Dr. Bob’s veterinary clinic. Together, the couple shared their passion for holistic philosophies and pet care with the community. And that’s where Earth Animal got its start.

The company seeks to provide a more holistic, humane, and sustainable way of enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. The company even donates one percent of its annual sales to organizations that invest in a more sustainable future and fund initiatives that protect all Earth Animals.

Earth Animal products are proudly produced in the USA, using only the highest quality ingredients and without fillers or harmful chemicals, according to the brand. 

Loaded with sustainably sourced premium proteins, including wild-caught fish, poultry certified by Global Animal Partnership, fruits, vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals, Earth Animal boasts that their products offer the best ingredients for animals, people, and the planet. 

Wisdom Dog Food: The Air-Dried Advantage

Plate of fresh food

Earth Animal recently launched an innovative new diet for dogs — Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food. Careful air-drying optimizes the nutrition and flavor of this premium dog food.

 “Air-dried dog food manufacturers process their meat, fruit, and veggies slowly at around 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) claiming they remove the risk of harmful pathogens (E. coli, salmonella, listeria, campylobacter) while retaining the goodness and nutrients of their fresh, human-grade ingredients,” says Dr. Michael Fleck, DVM

“Credit to air-dried food manufacturers, there has been no report from the CDC for the presence of any drug-resistant pathogens at this time,” Dr. Fleck adds. 

Many pet parents question whether air-dried or freeze-dried dog food is better for their pets. Both are relatively new forms of dehydrated dog food, but they differ in the dehydration process and the resulting texture and nutrition.

Freeze drying is a dehydration process that uses very low temperatures to remove moisture from raw ingredients, preserving them quickly by converting the liquid directly to gas. This results in a light, crunchy formula that has a very long shelf life, usually up to a year. 

Air-dried dog food also uses a process of dehydration. But instead of sub-zero temperatures, the ingredients are gently dried using warm circulated air at much lower temperatures than traditionally cooked dog foods. As a result, the moisture is eliminated gradually, but all the nutrients and flavors are preserved. 

“Manufacturers claim air drying minimizes damage to proteins, vitamins, and sensitive nutrients and enzymes contained in the natural ingredients, so your pet is getting nearly all the benefits of a raw food diet,” says Fleck. “Air-dried pet food retains its conformation quite well, resisting any crumbling that may result from freeze-dried food.” 

Wisdom Air Dried Dog Food Recipes to Consider

Bags of Wisdom Air-Dried dog food in Chicken, Turkey, and From the Sea flavors

Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food comes in three delicious flavor options, with more on the way: 

All of the recipes are air-dried at the optimal temperature to retain vital nutrients and flavor and are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. 

And you can feel good about feeding your dog Wisdom Air Dried dog food because the ingredients are responsibly sourced and held to stringent quality standards. The chicken and turkey are antibiotic-free and certified by the Global Animal Partnership. The sustainably sourced seafood includes wild-caught catfish, clams, and sardines, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury. Earth Animal’s From the Sea recipe features seafood ingredients that are certified sustainable by Ocean Wise or Marine Stewardship Council-certified as sourced from sustainable fisheries. 

Other premium ingredients used in Earth Animal Wisdom Dog Food include ancient grains, which provide essential protein, vitamins, and minerals; organic sprouted seeds to help maintain microbiome and gut health; and carrots, which contain antioxidants and phytonutrients to boost your pup’s immune system. 

Putting Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food to the Test

Two dogs looking cute at bowls of Wisdom

We tried out the “From the Sea” recipe of the Earth Animal Wisdom Air Dried Dog Food on our senior dogs —  Lyla (a 10-year-old Doberman) and Rocky (a 14-year-old Rat Terrier), who are generally not up for change at their ages, especially when it comes to their food!

Upon first opening the bag, I immediately noticed it smelled not like dog food but a delicious home-cooked meal. And surprisingly, it was not fishy smelling, even though the first three ingredients were seafood. I was very impressed with the aroma, and so were my dogs, who circled me like sharks hungry for their dinner. 

Besides the better smell, I noticed the Wisdom dog food was softer and easier to chew than the kibble our dogs are accustomed to. And that was great news for our senior dogs (and their sensitive teeth). 

I also liked how the Wisdom dog food bag was resealable, which locked in the freshness (as well as the smell so my dogs wouldn’t endlessly bug me for more food). And I appreciated that it contained ingredients like clams, which I’ve never seen in dog food before.

Two dogs eating their bowls of food

We gradually transitioned Rocky and Lyla from their Wellness Complete Health Senior Dry Dog Food to the Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried dog food over 10 days, according to the brand’s instructions. After introducing Wisdom Dog Food, I noticed a newly enhanced appetite and food motivation from my pups. And my Rat Terrier even started “requesting” his dinner up to two hours before their usual feeding time! Lyla seemed to have even more energy than before. My pups love the new food, and I love how clean the ingredients are. 

Things We Like

  • Nutrient-dense dog food that’s made in the USA with all-natural ingredients.
  • Gently air-dried to optimize nutrition and flavor.
  • Made with premium, wholesome, sustainably sourced ingredients. 
  • Certified B Corporation “meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.”
  • Positive Earth Animal Wisdom dog food reviews from various websites, including Amazon and Chewy. 

Things to Consider

  • Like most air-dried dog food brands, Wisdom Dog Food will cost you more than traditional commercial kibble. However, it’s a lot more affordable than other premium diets that prioritize healthy, wholesome, human-grade nutrition, such as fresh dog food or raw diets. 
  • Earth Animal Dog Food is available online and at select pet supply stores. So be sure to stock up, and check the company’s Store Locator tool to find out if there’s a store near you in case you run out and need to pick up a bag.  

Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food: Our Verdict

Overall, our dogs seemed to prefer the taste of Wisdom Air-Dried Dog Food over their standard kibble, Wellness Complete. We’re thinking about making the switch, however cost is a consideration. So we may compromise and mix the two foods, as they seem to enjoy both.

 “Air-dried dog food is the new trendy pet food that appears to be tasty and promoted with believably clever marketing that offers claims of superior nutritional benefits,” says Fleck. “The food is gaining in both popularity and sales, with the one major restriction being price.”